Zap Zits In 3 Simple Steps (Yes, It’s Possible)

Moms Katie Holmes and Alicia Keys have perfectly clear skin…

* Beauty Review Fest of the Week:

I am having a good skin month. And even though I just “knocked on wood” and “bit my tongue” for having said that out loud, I definitely am not taking my clear complexion for granted. After many tumultuous teenage years filled with weird hormonal breakouts and panic over all activities that wash off concealer (swimming and make-out0-sessions being the most prevalent at that age), I love my mid-20 skin. Why? Because I’ve finally figured out how to deal with it. My skin isn’t any different now than it was a few years ago, especially because I commit the same skin sins time and time again. Witness Exhibit A: sleeping face down on the pillow, continuing to lean my chin on my palm when working, or very rarely wiping down my cell phone to eliminate germs.

Yet, even though my hormones and habits are just as bad now as they were in my teens, I have an arsenal of pimple punching products that keep me in the clear. So how can you battle motherhood exhaustion and tight budgets, and come out with gorgeous skin? Daily exfoliation when you cleanse (yes, daily), a super potent acne treatment, and a gentle moisturizer to balance things out. Here are the top picks…

If You Want To Exfoliate Daily…

* L’oreal 360 Clean Anti-Breakout Facial Cleanser: The key to fighting pimples is keeping your pores clear (pretty revolutionary, right?) But even if you’ve heard this advice before, sometimes we think we’re getting the job done when we’re really not. Make sure you’re completely cleansing your skin at night by using this 2 step product: the Super-Soft-Scrublet helps refresh skin and unclog complexions, while the salicylic acid cleanser prevents future breakouts. And since L’oreal is super budget friendly, you can look smoking hot without burning up your credit card…capiche?

* Peter Thomas Roth Blemish Buffing Beads: If you want an expert on pimples, turn to PTR. Peter Thomas Roth not only makes cult-favorite products with an avid following, but suffers from breakouts himself (so he literally feels your pain). I firmly believe that a gently exfoliating cleanser is the answer to pimple reduction, and this glycolic-acid-laced product does the trick. In fact, my husband has seen such an enormous difference in his own skin, that I have to hide the cleanser under the bathroom sink for fear he’ll use it all before I can. And even if you have a rosy, sensitive complexion like I do, this is gentle enough to clear up breakouts without making you look like a tomato (never a good thing).

If You Want To Treat Acne…

* Proactiv Repairing Treatment Lotion: Perhaps it goes without saying that Proactiv kicks pimple butt. You’ve seen the commercials, you’ve heard the testimonials: sometimes being a fan of Proactiv almost seems cliche. It’s like saying The Social Network makes you feel super smart because you kept up with dialogue, or that you don’t want to give up your subscription to Parent magazine because you swear your toddler will give you time to read it one day: we already know this. But even if you consider yourself an expert on Proactiv’s benefits, if you’re not using their Repairing Treatment daily… you still have a lesson to learn. This product is my without-fail, no-questions-asked, can’t-live-without-it solution to keeping my skin clear throughout the month. Learn it, love it, live by it, become addicted (trust me, it’s worth every penny).

* SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age Defense: Who wants to target oily skin by slathering it in oil? No one. This is why SkinCeuticals latest product is the perfect solution for oil riddled complexions that are suffering from wrinkles and signs of aging too. It’s an oil-free product that combats fine lines and hyperpigmentation, without adding tons of pore-clogging moisturizers and irritating ingredients. But don’t worry, it’s main focus is stopping breakouts no matter what, so you’ll be able to look younger and more clear without the added stress.

If You Want Results Fast…

* Zeno Heat Treat Blemish Prevention Kit: If you were a celebrity, you could call up your personal dermatologist for a shot of cortison whenever you have a breakout. Or you might turn to your esthetician for a zit reducing facial or prescription treatment cream. But what if you’re completely sans pimple posse and/or zit squad for zenophile moments? (Say that three times fast). This is where Zeno comes in: it zaps breakouts using a battery-powered heating system (along with a blemish diminishing product) without ever irritating skin. It takes only a few minutes to use, and can tackle clogged pores before they ever become a raging bump. Don’t you just love it already?

* Sound Off: Which of these products would you use the most?

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