Your Glasses Shouldn’t Cramp Your Style

Frequent eyeglass fans Jennifer Garner and Angelina Jolie…

* Product Review of the Week:

Most of the women in my family wear glasses. My mother has worn glasses for as long as I can remember (normally bizarre options from cheap drugstores, involving pink flamingos or tropical flowers), and my sister Corey does as well. And even though I’ve always joked that my hearing aids are more than enough “bling” for me, I never expected my oldest daughter to need glasses too. Growing up, eyeglasses were the least stylish thing on earth (and if you’re in the Army, they still are), but there are so many more choices on the market these days.

Fortunately for my daughter, prescription eyeglasses can now be found with a vastitude of shapes and sizes (no need to feel like Phillip Seymoure Hoffman all the time). But aside from choosing the right glasses frames for your face shape, how else can you rock your “scripts” without conjuring up images of Urkel? Read on:

* Enjoy Your Eyes: Just because you’re wearing glasses does not mean you need forget eye makeup. In fact, some of the sexiest women on earth emphasize their eyes behind glasses (cough, cough, Tina Fey), instead of hiding them. If you only have a few minutes in the morning- which is a miracle in of itself for most mothers- try using liquid eyeliner along your upper lashline and wing it out slightly at the edge. Add mascara and you’re good to go! Easy, enough?

* Go Cheap or Go Home: Don’t have a ton of money for glasses? If you haven’t noticed the variety of links in this post already (another sign that maybe you need some glasses), make sure you check out They have a surprising amount of shades under $100, and you can take 10% off any order right now by using the special code Blog10 (you’re welcome!)

* Sound Off: Do you like to skip eye makeup when you’re wearing glasses?

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