Your Glasses Have Gorgeous Potential

Cate Blanchett and Jennifer Garner look gorgeous in glasses…

* Product Review of the Week:

Glasses are the most overlooked accessory on the market. Even though I personally don’t wear any (perhaps being deaf gives me “spidy-like” vision), but my 5 year old has a pair that she rocks with confidence. So why is that most of us mommas downplay our eyeglasses, instead of embracing their fashion potential? Although eyeglasses sometimes feel like a pesky reminder that we’re not as young as we used to be (along with gravity-riddled boobage, and eating cottage cheese to avoid cottage cheese on our thighs), they are also another accessory. Instead of being afraid of our bi-focaled biology, why not focus on the hidden style potential in your shades.

Buying online eyeglasses is always a good option, because you can find more variety with less hassle. Even though most of my friends recommend (where you can get 10% off your next order using the exclusive code Mommy10), the important thing is finding glasses frames that bring out the best in your face. For example, you should never choose colors or materials that don’t flatter your skintone. Think about what shirts or colors earn you the most compliments (in my case it’s turquoise or lilac), and opt for shades in the same…well, shade! If you’re not up for something so bold, choose a material that matches the majority of your jewelry, purses or fashion hardware (so don’t pick gold glasses if you’re closet is full of silver: je comprend?)

* Sound Off: Do you embrace glasses as an accessory?

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