You Could Win An Axe Body Spray Set For Your Man: Daily Makeover Sponsored Post

Are you crazy about your man (like new mom love-birds Katherine Heigl and Jennifer Hudson)? Twist it up…

If you’ve always watched the Axe commercials and wondered if their deodorants and sprays really make women go wild… we decided to test it out. Bailey from Makeover Momma explains…

“It’s in my experience that most men have no idea how to pick out a good scent for themselves. Most guys spend way too much on expensive colognes, and then neglect the more important day-to-day smells like deodorant or body mist. So I was thrilled to test out the new Axe spray Twist on my husband, and see if it fit the bill. Even better, the scent is supposed to develop over time (so it gave me multiple reasons to cuddle with him)…for the sake of science of course!

Morning: “When I first told my husband how much research went into the development of this scent (making sure it perfectly suited the finicky needs and tastes of women)…he was psyched. When I told him that crowds of ladies would not be partaking in this experiment, he was slightly less than psyched. Regardless, I loved the smell from the get go: soft, subtle but with a sweet citrus notes.”

Mid-day: “A few hours later, the smell was still going strong, but it had evolved as the day went on (fascinating!) Now the initial “tang” is gone, and it has a strong masculine note.”

Afternoon: “If the twist of Twist is that it evolves with your body as the day goes on… it works. By the afternoon some of the smell had faded, but what remained was beautiful on it’s own: soft and subtle.”

Want to win this product for your hubby, loved one (or even yourself?) Get ahead of the Fathers Day gift giving curve and comment below…it’s easy!

* The Giveaway: We are giving away a 15 sets of Axe Twist products (yes, 15!) That’s a lot of chances to win…

How To Enter:

* Just answer this question: “What smell makes you think of the person you love?”

* Leave your name and email address (and Twitter ID, if you have one!)

* A winner will be announced on Makeover Momma next Thursday (4/22)!

Credit: © Us Weekly

Makeover Mommaâ„¢ occasionally receives cosmetic products for review, with no obligation to positively promote or cover said brand. Receiving products has absolutely no influence over our recommendation of any particular product.

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19 comments on “You Could Win An Axe Body Spray Set For Your Man: Daily Makeover Sponsored Post
  1. Elizabeth says:

    The (fresh) smell of the outdoors!

  2. A musky manly smell…and food. He loves to cook, so I think of him when I smell food…hehehe! 🙂

  3. Karen says:

    I’ve bought all of my husband’s deodorant and cologne since we got married 5 years ago. He just doesn’t understand the power of scent.

  4. Karen says:

    I\’ve bought all of my husband\’s deodorant and cologne since we got married 5 years ago. He just doesn\’t understand the power of scent.

  5. Shannon says:

    This is going to sound strange but the smell of oil/gasoline since he loves to work on his Jeep.


  6. sgs says:

    Old spice. Reminds me of my favorite uncle.

  7. sgs says:

    Cut grass.

  8. Karen R. says:

    The smell of certain hairsprays.

  9. Tiffany says:

    I think any smell from the outdoors or old spice cologne reminds me of him.


  10. Karen R. says:

    The smell of certain hairsprays. @karenar25

  11. Tabitha says:

    The outdoors, since he works on a hay farm!

    @TabithaMichelle on Twitter

  12. michelle rosborough says:

    Pine !!!!

  13. Calista says:

    Chlorine from the pool since we used to spend
    lots of time there!

  14. Calista says:

    Oops: forgot twitter id: @califragilistic

  15. Veronica says:

    The cologne “Curve” reminds me of when we were dating lol. But now that we’ve been married for 4 years he sadly usually just smells like “work” aka “sweat & such” (lol gotta love him) . But every so often when we go out on a date he’ll throw on some “Curve” for old times sake! And i have to say its amazing how smells can really bring back memories. 🙂

  16. Tracy P says:

    Fresh cut grass and bug spray! We go birding alot so he always smells like the outdoors.

  17. Tracy P says:

    Forgot my twitter ID:

  18. I love it when my man wears Axe santa put a new one in his stocking everyyear!!

  19. Paige says:

    The scent of Irish Spring soap makes me think
    of the man I love!

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