You Can Smell Like Gardenias…And Reese Witherspoon: Beauty Product Breakdown

Moms Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Richie love fragrance… here’s how you can too.

Spring is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to try out a fresh, new fragrance (no matter how devoted you are to your current perfume!) Not sure what kind of scent you want to try this year? We love the latest and greatest from Avon, because they not only smell fresh, unique and beautiful, but they’re easy on the pocketbook too!

* If You Like A Feminine Scent: If you prefer classy, feminine and soft scents, then fellow momma Reese Witherspoon’s latest fragrance In Bloom is perfect (doesn’t that almost entirely describe her?) Although our favorite part is the hints of gardenia, the “bouquet of flowers” and “peach tea” leaves aren’t bad either (ok, we love them).

* If You Like Strong Scent: Ok, how many of us have fallen in love with our hubby (or partner’s) cologne, but don’t want to admit it? Well, here we go: we are in love with Patrick Dempsey 2 from Avon. Yes, it’s because it has a strong, spicy scent (using mandarin, wood and green fig infusions). Yes, it’s because it makes us feel mysterious, empowered and down right sexy when we wear it. And yes, it might be because we secretly pretend we’re shacking up with McDreamy himself. Whatever the reason, this fragrance is (oddly) worth your attention.

* If You Like A Sexy Scent: If you love adjectives like “daring” and “seductive” (and oh yeah, “smoldering”), than you’ll love U by Ungaro Fever. It’s created from a fusion of crisp, feminine scents (like florals) with a strong, earthy twist. Now if we can just stop singing “you give me fever” while attempting to saunter around the house, we’d be good!

* If you could create the perfect perfume, how would you describe it?

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