You Can Get Smooth Skin Like Nicole Richie and Angelina Jolie — Real Momma Product Review

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Moms like Nicole Richie and Angelina Jolie may work hard (with charity or their kids), but they still try and keep their skin smooth…

Most moms have very little time to worry about getting smooth skin (especially in the dry, winter months), so we had Real Momma Jenny test out a brand new scrub (and see if it held up during cold weather, a hectic schedule, and mommy-hood with two boys)…

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The Product: Skinn by Dimitri James: Sweet and Smooth Sugar and Shea Butter Body Polish

What I Thought: “What a great product! I used it on my feet for a couple days and immediately noticed a difference. It made my rough and calloused feet feel soft and smooth. The jar was tough to break into, but once I did it was well worth it (for the smell if for nothing else… sweet and smooth!)”

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* Is there one product that makes your feet smooth and soft? Let us know!

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2 comments on “You Can Get Smooth Skin Like Nicole Richie and Angelina Jolie — Real Momma Product Review
  1. Tavia says:

    It would be interesting to try this new scrub. I’m kind of lazy when it comes to scrubs or body lotions but I have to start taking better care of my body skin. I have to see if this is available in my country. 🙂

  2. Bailey says:

    I’m awful about it too! I think the skin on my body (and feet/hands), is always an after thought to the face…I get so lazy when I’m in a rush!

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