You Can Get Clear Skin And A Slim Figure In 28 Days

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MMTV Book Club Topic: Healthy Eating

Need inspiration for your family meals? I tackled these brand new, innovative nutrition books on Makeover Momma TV, and now you can too….

* “The Crabby Cookbook” By Jessica Harper: This is the quintessential cookbook for anyone who is tired of cooking for their family. Even though I personally wish I could channel my inner Cat Cora at any given meal, I usually end up cooking 5 different options to please various members of the family. While the baby has hummus and crackers, my eldest has a fruit smoothie and veggies, or my husband has a giant pizza… I end up turning to a stale bowl of cereal and a healthy dose of exhaustion instead. Even if your microwave is your best friend, the 135 recipes in this book are easy for anyone (and meant to appease even the pickiest of eaters). Although this book isn’t about losing weight or slimming down, it’s a no nonsense approach to food…something we all can appreciate!

* “Feed Your Face” by Dr. Jessica Wu: If I could be in love with a book right now, it would be this one. I have read my fair share of beauty and nutrition books in the past, and always come away from them feeling stressed out. Nutrition books always want to eliminate something drastic: sugar, dairy, carbs, sanity….the list goes on and on. Reading “Feed Your Face” however was a breath of fresh (tasty) air.

It literally is the perfect way for any and every human being to eat because it helps your body work at it’s very best (revealing clear skin, less wrinkles and shiny hair). I talk about “balance” a lot when it comes to nutrition, but this eating plan helps put balance into action. You enjoy 3 fresh, colorful meals (think veggie pizza, egg frittatas or chocolate smoothies) and 2 healthy snacks. There is no need to cut anything from your diet unless it benefits your body (as in my case with gluten and most dairy products). You don’t have to count calories, weigh foods or freak out about portion sizes either. Now do you see why I’m in love?

* Speak Up: What was the last meal you cooked for your family?

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One comment on “You Can Get Clear Skin And A Slim Figure In 28 Days
  1. Thanks so much for the post about “The Crabby Cook Cookbook.”
    I really appreciate the support!
    Yours in crabbiness,
    Jessica Harper

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