You Can Be Cheap With Accessories Without Looking Cheap

Future bracelet model?

* Fashion Fix of the Month:

I approach accessories like Charlie Sheen approaches public speaking: very little subtlety is involved. And despite my cheap, predictable celebrity references (they’ve got to stop giving me material), I have a “uniform” of sorts when it comes to jewelry. I wear big, dangly earrings whenever possible, and lots of colorful bracelets… and that’s it. Necklaces? Nope. Rings? Only the betrothing kind. Tiny, tasteful broaches? No way. Although it’s true that most mothers could benefit from a change in style once in awhile, it’s also true that when it works… don’t stop wearing it. In my case, I love bright, chunky earrings and bracelets because they instantly pump up my outfit, and work with my pseudo-Kate-Hudson-circa-AlmostFamous fashion vibe (which is really just concealed laziness).

But the downside to big earrings and bold bracelets, is that my children love to destroy them. On almost any given day I find my favorite bangles shattered to bits in my toddler’s mouth, or my favorite jewels being used as decorative ornaments on finger painting murals. Luckily, I’ve never owned a real diamond in my life, so most of my accessories cost $5 from the nearest bulk store. The downside? They look like it. This is why I’ve become completely and utterly addicted to items from Shop Suey Boutique. You’ve already heard about my life altering experience with their earrings, so I knew I had to try their bracelets too.

Flashing some bling and throwing some family gang signs…

The amazing thing is that one pack of Justine bangle bracelets from Shop Suey Boutique costs $18, but can be worn at least 10 different ways. I tried to wear this bundle of bracelets every day for a week, and managed to never repeat the same look twice. One day I wore the white bangles together, another the gold, another the chunky blue, and another time all of them at once. No matter how I pair them, I continue to get compliments from family members, friends and even the odd passerby (and no one realizes I’m simply rearranging the exact same set of bracelets!) If that isn’t being a smart, resourceful momma…. I don’t know what is.

The Fix:

* Get More For Your Buck: Just as you read above, nothing has proved better than my style choices from Shop Suey Boutique. Every item looks luxe and decadent, and can be worn multiple ways (even though it’s not $40 or $50 like other jewelry sets on the market). I want to get the Janelle bangle set and the Cindy bracelet set next, because they are just as stylish but give me a completely different look.

* More For Less: What would summer be without the greatest accessory of all? (Hint: a beautiful golden glow). Even though this post has admittedly been about fashion, having soft bronzed skin and silky, healthy hair is an important aspect of warm weather living that should not be ignored. If you love getting a lot for less (um…who doesn’t?), be sure to check out another favorite website of mine: You can get amazing beauty items for summer at super low prices. My top picks are Tend Skin liquid to prevent razor burn (which always finds a way of ruining my thighs’ summer vacation) or Argan Hair Oil to repair fried, dry strands from sun and sand.

* Speak Up: How could YOU fix your own fashion this week?

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  1. Yelena says:

    Accessories are the girls best friends!!


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