You Call It Plus Size, I Call It Beautiful

So few curvy celebrity moms exist, but Sophia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez will suffice…

* Product Review of the Week:

Plus size modeling is not always a term to which I agree. The average runway model is a size 0 or 00, and stands at about 5′ 9″, while the average “plus size model” is 10 or 12 (which frankly, is “goal weight” post-baby for some of us mommas). Why should the so-called “normal” models be roughly the width of my thigh, while the “plus sized models” more greatly exemplify the healthy, curvy women we see today? Now I’m not saying that we should glorify the concept of being obese or having an unhealthy lifestyle, but these women are clearly not sitting around eating Cheetos and watching Bones all day long (even if that’s exactly what I did whilst pregnant).

Being a curvy woman who appreciates her health (and has enough body fat to actually produce a baby) does not make us an anomaly…it should make us the standard. It’s true that some of us are petite and can’t help it, while others are voluptuous no matter what size jeans they’re wearing. But having a culture that tells us a Giuliana Rancic bobble-head is the ideal (as if being underweight gives us a sign of status as women) is more than ridiculous. Confidence, intelligence and grace should be the standard to which we set ourselves, and most plus size models exemplify this perfectly. I don’t want to be told I should hunch my shoulders like a pre-pubescent, malnourished kid, or that I should forfeit my last ounce of body fat to resemble a hanger (as runway models are often told). Guess what? Fashions look better on real women’s bodies, not worse- so let’s leave the hanger metaphor behind, grow a pair and start designing clothing that looks good on humans.

That being said, we all deserve the chance to celebrate our curves (and this is where comes in). This website is not just for plus size womens clothing, but women who want to rejoice in their shape without apologizing. With clothes ranging from size 14 to 40, it has gorgeous dresses (my favorite is this Printed Empire Waist Dress), shoes (love the studded gladiator sandals) and more. They even offer supportive undergarments during pregnancy (trust me, your lady parts will need the support).

* Speak Up: Agree or disagree with the lack of curves in our culture today?

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One comment on “You Call It Plus Size, I Call It Beautiful
  1. Kim says:

    I really think our culture needs to begin to encourage women to celebrate themselves, no matter what their clothing size–as long as they are at their healthiest. It is natural for some women to be thinner and others curvier; but no one should be made to apologize for NOT being like an established standard. And the fact that a size 10 and above is considered “plus size” when the average American woman is a size 8 is purely laughable.

    By the way, my most favorite line of this post is “let’s leave the hanger metaphor behind, grow a pair and start designing clothing that looks good on humans.” 🙂

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