Yes, You Can Improve Your Bust Without Surgery: Real Momma Product Review

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Moms of all shapes and sizes (like Nancy O’Dell and Sarah Jessica Parker) can accomplish their beauty resolutions of the New Year… what are yours?

If pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding are good for any one thing (other than the beautiful baby they produce, of course) it might be the generous increase in cup size that usually occurs. However, what happens after the baby is grown, weaned and the fantastic process of deflation begins? We had Real Momma Lisa (mother of three) test out the famous Talika Bust Serum for the New Year, to see if her resolution of feeling “more toned and tightened” could be accomplished…

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The Product: Talika Paris Bust Serum

The Results: “This product is supposed to lift and firm your chest, while boosting you an entire cup size in 6 weeks. Although I am still new to the program (so I have not suddenly gone from Kate Hudson to Pamela Anderson), I do feel like my chest is more toned, tightened and…dare I say, bustier? If anything, this product would likely help minimize stretch marks and some of the sagging left behind by motherhood, but it would likely take a miracle to make me ‘busty’.”

Want to meet other New Years resolutions, using Talika products? We are in love with the Talika Lipocil Eyelash Extender (which helps give you longer, fuller, fake-looking eyelashes…no matter what mascara you’re using!)

* What Do You Think: If you could change your cup size in anyway, would you?

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2 comments on “Yes, You Can Improve Your Bust Without Surgery: Real Momma Product Review
  1. styleezta says:

    Maybe one cup! 🙂

  2. Bailey says:

    haha… I always thought so, but when I got boobs with pregnancy- it felt SO weird!

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