Yes, #ILoveMyDog (And Saving On Dog Food Too)

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Yesterday I told you about our brand new dog Sophie (one of many “at home” topics I’ll be detailing on the brand new Stay At Home Momma page). Even though our little rescue mutt has proven to be a great (albeit hyper) addition to the family, dogs can be a pricy responsibility to take on in this economy. Since our family is perpetually pinching pennies, we don’t have tons of extra cash to pay for food in general (let alone dog food!)

As if it isn’t enough I’ve gotten tons of $3 jeans and $7 birthday toys for my girls at Walmart recently, we also spotted some super affordable dog food too. Kibbles ‘n Bits is definitely a “tried and true” brand when it comes to dog food, but their latest Bistro formula is quickly becoming Sophie’s favorite. And since we have lots of dogs in the extended family (Sophie’s new cousins Rocky and Soldier), we’ve converted most of our relatives too. Of course if you’re a total dog mom and don’t mind sharing it with the world, you can join the I Love My Dogs society and share your opinions on the dog food (or rather, your dog’s opinion). At this rate, our dogs will be running the internet in no time!

* Speak Up: How did you make sure a new dog entered your family with ease?

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