Yes, Even You Can Wear Fly Accessories: Trendy Tuesdays with Kassandra


Would Gwen Stefani and Gwyneth Platrow’s outfits look quite as cool without the shades?

The Trend: Slick lookin’ aviators!

I think aviators are miracle glasses. There is a type of aviator for every face shape! I myself have a very oval face. It’s like someone took my forehead and chin in two different hands and stretched my head out. Hence, oval…and long. Therefore, many sunglasses are not my friend. I think everyone has this problem: the lens are too small for your face so they make your head look way bigger than it really is, or the shape of the lens just distorts the rest of your face and you end up looking like bug or a laboratory squint (I have yet to figure out which one is worse…).

Momma Jessica Alba is lookin’ pretty fly with her aviators, to the point where she seems to wear them throughout all the seasons! The shades that Alba prefers is from a sunglass designer called Web Eyewear. What I love about all sunglasses in general is that they add this air of mysteriousness (even if you feel like mystery flew out the window before the epidural even sunk in). Sunglasses give each woman the perfect accessory for any outfit… and they hide your significant lack of sleep from the night before.

The frames on momma Halle Berry are aviators from Dsquared2 Eyewear. I don’t know about you guys, but aviators just look cool with any outfit (yes, maybe even pajamas). Whether chunky sweaters, or baggy boyfriend jeans, or plaid shirts (plus the baby on your hip)- it all looks adorable! (Adorable in that tough, “because I said so” sort of way, of course).

So rock those aviators! (I myself have one pair of trusted aviators from Armani Express and they’re perfect! They’re tinted purple and I don’t know what I’d do without them. They make me look so smooth and slick. Amelia Earhart, anyone?)

* Trend Sound Off: What do you think of this sky-high trend? Would you get a pair or do you own a pair? I want to know!

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2 comments on “Yes, Even You Can Wear Fly Accessories: Trendy Tuesdays with Kassandra
  1. SvetlanaSaid says:

    OMG KASSANDRA!!!! Who knew aviators can be trendy after 40?! Thanks so much for the advice.

  2. SvetlanaSaid says:

    OMG! Thanks so much Kassandra! Who knew I could rock the aviators after 40?!

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