Stair Climb Workouts– Workout From Home

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Mother-of-two Reese Witherspoon is known for her flaunting her petite figure while jogging or exercising outdoors, but sometimes mothers simply can’t make it outside to hit the pavement. Instead, try using your stairs at home to create an intense and quick workout routine!(No stairs to use? Try heading to a nearby park or outdoor stadium instead.)

* Get Walking: Head up and down the flight of stairs 10 times total to warm up.

* Pick Up Pace: Try to jog up and down the stairs (carefully) 5 times.

* Tone Tush: Prepare for a squat by placing one leg on a lower step and one leg a step or two above. From here (facing slightly sideways) squat down deeply 12 times. Repeat on other leg.

* Jog: 5 more flights.

* Long Legs: Place one foot two steps above the other, and get into a lunge position. From here, dip down into a deep split lunge 12 times. Repeat other leg.

* Jog: 5 more

* Step To It: Stand at the bottom of stairs and lunge leg forward onto a step. Return to start. Repeat and alternate lunges onto steps for a total of 12 times.

* Reverse It: Stand a step or two above the bottom of stairs, and reverse the above exercise. Step backwards into a deep lunge, return to start, and repeat for 12.

* Jog

* Hit Those Arms: Finish the entire workout by kneeling on the stairs, leaning forward and placing arms a few steps above so in “kneeling push-up” position. Do 20 push ups.

* Get Both Sides: Flip around into “triceps dip” position (like a tabletop with arms on upper steps and feet flat on the ground) and dip 20 times using arms for momentum.

* Cool Down: Finish by walking 3 more flights of stairs at a cool down pace.

* What is your all-time favorite piece of exercise equipment?

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