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       London living and long-time momma’s Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow seem to have it easy when it comes to exercise… lots of money, lots of babysitters, and a really famous and fit BFF. For the rest of us mortal mothers? Sometimes we can barely find time (or energy) to stand up, let alone fit in a strenuous workout. Instead of stressing over your fitness level, try to fit in little bits of exercise every chance you can get, keeping in mind our Makeover Momma™ philosophy: every little bit counts.

            In this case, you don’t even have to stand up to fit in exercise! Try these tips for the Sit Down Workout, and use it whether simply nursing your baby, watching TV, or being stuck behind your desk at work.

  • Warm-Up: Sit upright in a comfortable chair, making sure to tighten your stomach, straighten your back, and use good posture throughout. Begin by straightening one leg in front of you and raising until equal with your lap.
  • Start slowly lifting and lowering your leg for 30 seconds, as if about to touch your toe to the ground (it should start to burn over time…this is good!)
  • Continue lifting and lowering leg, but alternate between flexing your foot and pointing your foot.
  • Keep lifting while turning your leg out (rotate toes slightly away from body) for 10 seconds, and turn your flexed foot in slightly for 10 seconds (as if you are pigeon toed).
  • Hold your leg parallel at the top (as high as you can raise it) and begin doing small pulses.
  • Continue pulsing but turn leg out, turn it in, flex foot, and point the foot.
  • For the finale, try to draw 5 wide circles in the air with your toe, and then reverse the circles in the opposite direction.

          Make It Harder – Once you get this simply painful (but painfully simple) leg lifts down pat, try to get really creative with movements. Try “writing your name” in the air with your toe, keeping the leg lifted and moving throughout. This will help hit all parts of thigh and leg muscle. You can also make it harder by eventually resting a small weight on your upper thigh for added resistance (try a 5 lb. dumbbell or any heavy object).

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