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            It can seem nearly impossible to find time to exercise when you’re a busy parent. Although a majority of celebrities are known for following intense post-partum fitness routines, hiring personal trainers and exercising for hours per day, there are many other who admit to fitting fitness into their lives with ease (such as Tori Spelling or Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon). 


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            One of the easiest ways to fit-in-fitness to your daily life, is simply by creating a simple toning routine when getting ready in the morning.

·   While brushing your teeth, do deep squats (holding onto the side of the sink for support) as if you’re about to sit on a chair placed behind you. Continue squatting the entire time…

·    While washing your face, do simple heel raises by rising up onto the balls of your feet and back down to tone your calve muscles.

·         While brushing your hair, do easy side leg lifts by balancing on one leg, and raising the other parallel to the side. Continue lowering and raising leg, without releasing the muscle to the ground until you are done. (Switch to the other side).

·         While picking out your clothes, do jumping jacks as you scan your closet, or simply try to do jumping jacks between each pause in your morning routine (10 before applying sunscreen, 10 before applying mascara, etc.)

·         While your coffee brews… (or while the morning bottle of formula is warming, or the baby is eating, etc.) do a quick rotation of high knees for 10 counts (jogging in place) and 10 on-your-knees pushups. Continue this rotation to really bring your heart rate up…

EXTRA Ways To “Fit-It-In” During Morning Hours:

          If you live in a home with stairs, strive to take stairs two-at-a-time the entire morning (or try to jog up them instead of walking).

          If you watch the morning show, try to do a combination of 10 crunches, 10 counts of holding an extended push-up position (plank) and 10 counts of squat jumps during commercials. Let your toddler join in…

          If your baby needs tummy time, lay next to them and alternate between “mountain climbers” (holding push up position and quickly switch-jumping feet into deep lunges behind you) and “abdominal leg lowers” (lay flat on your back, extend legs to the ceiling with abdominals engaged and slowly lower legs toward the ground with control. Return and repeat.)

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