Workout From Home — Cook Time Circuit

The next time you find yourself standing in the kitchen while waiting for infant formula to warm or dinner to cook, consider trying this quick Cook Time Workout. We at Makeover Mommaâ„¢ firmly believe that every little bit counts (no momma is perfect), so even a small amount of fitness can add up to big results. Try this out, and stayed tuned for more monthly Workouts From Home:

· Warm-Up Grab that baby and march in place very quickly for 3 minutes (or jog in place doing “high knees” if solo)

· Counter-top Push-ups — Stand opposite a kitchen counter top or a sturdy table, place hands on the outer edge, and angle body leaning forward on your toes. Your body should be in a straight line in push-up position. From here, do 30 Counter-top Push-ups in classic stance

· Steady Squats – Using the counter for balance, place feet hip-width apart, parallel, and sit back into a deep squat (as if about to sit on a low stool behind you). Stand up, and repeat 30 times

· Pulsing positions – Return to Counter-top Push-ups, and repeat 10 more. However, finish by “hovering” with arms bent halfway (holding a ½ push-up), and do tiny pulses with upper arms. Pulse for 10 seconds, hold a static ½ push-up for 10 counts, and repeat again.

· Repeat – Do the same pattern with steady squats. Hold at the bottom of the squat and pulse, hold, pulse, and hold.

· High Shelf Jumps – Next, position yourself standing at the bottom of kitchen cabinets. Sitting back into a small squat, jump as high as you possibly can as if reaching for something on the very highest shelf. Land gently, and continue jumping as high as possible for 20 full counts, reaching over head.

Repeat this entire circuit one more time= Counter-top Push-ups, Steady Squats, Pulsing (and hold) positions, and finally the High Shelf Jumps.

Relax, and enjoy your finished product… Stronger legs and that stroganoff baking in the oven!

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