Stength Training Twists — Workout Challenge

Are you getting bored with your “lift-weight-and-repeat” routine? Busy mothers often leave strength training behind in favor of cardio-driven workouts, because they are cramped on time, don’t want to bulk up and see little excitement in their exercise regimen. Unfortunately, mothers who skimp on strength training will be less toned, are at increased risk for injury, will have a decrease in bone and muscle health, as well as slower metabolisms. Read on for fun, dumbbell-busting changes to your routine…                                 

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  •    Keep It Changing – The best way to incorporate strength training into your routine is on non-consecutive days (3 days per week, for example). Try assigning a different level of weight, reps and sets for each day to keep muscles (and your brain) engaged. Try lifting 2 to 5 pounds on one day, 8 pounds another and 10 on the last. Additionally, try doing higher reps when using lower weights (with fewer sets) and visa versa. Change up that routine and see new results!
  •     Change Your Momentum – Recent studies have shown that raising weights quickly and with power (while lowering very slowly) can burn more calories per workout than a steady raise/lower pattern alone. Try changing the time in which you raise and lower weights for increased power and fat loss.
  •          Try New Tricks – Try incorporating other forms of strength training into your routine that don’t include free weights. Resistance bands or kettle bells, for example, can create a fun diversion in your routine, or try using weights in unexpected places (like while walking on the treadmill or doing Yoga at home).

*Do you have a tip for making your momma workout more challenging? Share with us, and we’ll post your advice!

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