Stroller Walking Workout — Workout Challenge

Do you ever get sick of celebrity mothers stating that it was simply “walking with their stroller” that got them back in shape? Although it seems that a simple stroll with your stroller won’t do much to keep the weight off, there are many ways that you can get more from each walk (even when you’re short on time.)

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  • Add Intervals With Music – Try turning up your favorite tunes when taking a walk, and alternate between your normal pace for one song and a much faster pace at the next. It’s up to you how far you push the pace, but simply alternating between two different speeds on your normal walk will burn more calories. (Make sure your music is at a level where you are still aware of your surroundings to keep both you and baby safe.)

  • Bump Up The Weight – Before hitting the pavement for your next walk, try adding a few extra water bottles, toys or even dumbbells to the bottom of your stroller to increase the resistance. The heavier the weight you’re pushing while walking, the more calories you’ll burn (as long as you’re careful not to risk injury by going overboard.)

  • Use New Tools – Make workouts harder by buying affordable ankle or wrist weights at your local convenience or athletics store. Simply adding 2 to 5 pound weights while walking will tone your body more, without needing to increase walk time.

*Do you have a tip for making your momma workout more challenging? Share with us, and we’ll post your advice!

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