Win Maternity Clothing Just By Being Your Active Self

Being pregnant (like Ali Larter and new mom Alicia Keys) doesn’t mean slowing down…

Admit it: did you workout when you were pregnant? Even though I always assumed I’d be a glistening, glowing pre-natal Yogi machine while expecting… the most exercise I got during pregnancy was the long walk to the nearest pack of Cheetos.

Recently I came across the amazing maternity clothing line Mountain Mama, and honestly could not wait to share it with you mommies-to-be. It was created for the active momma in all of us (even if you merely want to be comfortable during those nine long months), because it let’s expectant moms look just as cute hiking a hill or heading to fitness class as they did before baby. There is no need to squeeze into that old pair of sweat pants anymore.

But even if you’re not pregnant anymore, so many of these items double as “fourth trimester” or nursing pieces, which you can wear while your body adjusts post-partum (and you get acclimated to motherhood). Each option in the Mountain Mama line was diligently crafted and artfully created by a fellow mother, who understands the importance of mobility, stretch and comfort during pregnancy. But perhaps my favorite part is that the company aims to keep it’s footprint small: all fabric is made in the U.S, everyone who works there is committed to green living, and they use ultra-wicking, super-stretchy fabric to keep you secure.

Best of all, we’re joining with Mountain Mama to offer you a one of a kind opportunity to try their clothing. That’s right: enter this simple giveaway, and you could be an official clothing tester for the brand (that means free clothes for your beautifully expanding belly!)

How To Enter:

* Check out the Mountain Mama website and let us know: Why do you want to be the next “Makeover Momma Mountain Mama”?

* Follow On Twitter: @MtMamaMaternity

* Like On Facebook (if you’re not on Twitter): Mountain Mama

A fabulous winner will be chosen at random on November 3’rd (to make it fair of course), and will be treated to a few luxurious items from the Mountain Mama line. They even get to report back to Makeover Momma, and tell us what they think first hand (sort of like the Sherlock Holmes of maternity wear). But even if you aren’t pregnant yourself, you can still help other burgeoning beauties by encouraging them to enter (come on, you know you know someone who’s preg right now).

If you really want to spoil your best bud at her up-coming baby shower (or yourself with comfy loungewear post-partum), you can still scoop up the clothing…. just click below!

* Sound Off: Why do YOU want to be the next Makeover Momma Mountain Mama?

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16 comments on “Win Maternity Clothing Just By Being Your Active Self
  1. Jenny P says:

    I’d love to score some Mountain Mama active maternity wear. Heading out to exercise as my belly expands, I already feel out of place next to the slim, trim already-had-my-baby mamas. I feel even more out of place when I have to wear huge t-shirts from college and men’s sweat pants due to lack of cute prego exercise wear. I’d love to look pregnantly fit and fabulous in Mountain Mama gear!

  2. SaraH says:

    I’d love to be a Makeover Momma Mountain Mama! I’m chasing (and still nursing) my 17 month old while newly pregnant with #2. This gear looks perfect for looking good while keeping warm!

  3. Kjera says:

    I AM an active Mountain Mama! I live in the mountains of Wyoming in beautiful Jackson Hole where I am a Spanish teacher at an environmental education school and my husband works as a heli-rappeller wildland fire fighter for the U.S. Forest Service. As he would say, we’re “livin’ the dream”. However, living out here means we don’t have access to great shopping, much less maternity gear, and when were were hiking in Moab, UT two weeks ago or prepping to help out at the family cattle ranch this weekend, I’m am constantly wondering what I can wear for my busy, active life. So, CHOOSE ME! I’d be happy to report on the durability for this outdoorsy, ecochica mama.

  4. Stephanie Redcher says:

    I am expecting my third girl in February, and even though I am running circles chasing my 15 month old and 3 year old, I make it a priority to be active. I attend Stroller Strides classes at least three days a week, attend yoga classes, and walk nearly anywhere I can (the market, ice cream store, or my town’s village) with my two girls in the jogger. My family and I camp as well, and with upcoming trips to Joshua Tree and Big Bear, Mountain Mama gear is a must. I already own a few pieces and the quality is outstanding. I would love to add to my collection, and continue being active through all stages of my pregnancy.

  5. Gin Hatcher says:

    I’m due in February and recently discovered Mountain Mama. I am actually wearing my first (and so far only) piece – the base layer top and LOVE it! I was so bummed when I realized that cotton was my only option for 9 months as my husband (and dog!) and I are very active and are often out hiking on weekends. Cotton is not a girls best friend despite the commercials. So far I am LOVING my top. I’d love to have an opportunity to test other pieces because we are always outside and on the go exploring somewhere. We just moved to VA from NC so there are lots of things we want to see and do here before baby makes his debut!

  6. Where are you at in Virginia, Gin? I’m a VA gal too- maybe we can meet up sometime : ) Thanks for entering!

  7. Eureka M says:

    Why do you want to be the next “Makeover Momma Mountain Mama”? I want to be the next Makeover Momma Mountain Mama because I really need new clothes but I am haven’t lost all my baby weight yet. My daughter is 9months and I still look three months pregnant. Buying new clothes is not in the budget. I would love to show off my New Makeover with these awesome clothes. The selections are great for my body type and style. Thank you.

  8. Jessica Kaup says:

    I would love to score some gear. I live in Eastern MT where most of the winter is in the negative numbers. I have a couple of pieces and it is an AWESOME product! I am so greatful to have found this line of clothes for mommies to be and greatful that they have developed their line!!!

  9. Jenny Wiebe says:

    From the first time I saw Mountain Momma clothing, I fell in love. I love that it is actually functional, that it is beautiful, that it is made in the USA. I love their motto: “Because adventure doesn’t end with pregnancy… It’s just beginning!” I totally agree. With both my pregnancies I hiked, rode my horses, biked and did almost everything I would otherwise do. Being able to get clothes that were actually made to do some of those activities during my next pregnancy would be such a blessing! I usually just ended up thrifting old maternity clothes because I couldn’t find any appropriate stuff at the maternity store.

  10. Colleen says:

    I’d love to be a Makeover Momma Mountain Mama because all their clothes look so comfortable! I’m an active mom of two and one little one on the way…My belly is just starting to pop, and I don’t want to be left behind for all the great winter activities. And I’d love to be as zen as the model wearing the Whitney Maternity V-Neck!

  11. Michelle B says:

    I would love to win these for my friend who just found out she is pregnant two days ago! We work together and us girls are super excited for her. This will be her first baby so I’d love to give her an awesome gift.

  12. kia says:

    This gear would have been perfect when I was pregnant (baby is now 4 months old). I taught yoga until 36 weeks preggo and hiked in the mountains until that last week before baby arrived. I had to improvise with a lot of gear to be active with that brutal Colorado winter earlier this year.

  13. kia says:

    I am now following MtMamaMaternity on twitter as @bodhi_bear

  14. elizabeth w says:

    I would love to! I have a 6 month old and a 4 year old. I am a “freak” and am a size 3 after baby but my weight goes up and down due to lupus. I am so I need of comfy clothes to help keep up with the kiddos! I also hope to have at least 1 more baby!

  15. elizabeth w says:

    I follow on twitter @mgmommy0930

  16. Alicia W says:

    I would love to be the next Makeover Momma Mountain Mama! I am currently seventeen weeks along in my first pregnancy — with twins! My frame is small (5’2″, 120 lbs.) but my belly is already getting gigantic. My husband and I are avid campers/hikers/just love to be active outside, but all of my winter gear is already too small at the belly. I have a long winter ahead of me, and some gear that fits (and my husband’s probably won’t fit for long with the belly heading in this direction) will really give us the opportunity to enjoy each other and what we love to do before we start modifying our activities to include two babies! I’m also a writer, and would be thrilled to provide feedback about Mountain Mama’s line.

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