Win Big At The Hooray For Holidays Twitter Party

In the mood for a good Twitter party? If you want to win fabulous giveaways and talk about the best in holiday gift giving, than don’t miss the Hooray For Holidays Twitter party next Wednesday (December 15’th, from 8 to 9 PM/EST). You don’t even have to RSVP (though a comment below is always appreciated)….

The Giveaways:

* Turn 4XT Cologne From Avon: Want to give something special to that man in your life, but don’t know what to get? With any luck you’ll win this amazing new fragrance from Avon (designed by  Champion Nascar driver Carl Edwards, $26). And even though that translates in my girl brain as “blah, blah, something  for boys, fast cars, blah”, I know that men out there are going to love this. The cologne has masculine notes like Basil, Golden Ginger and Mohogany Wood, and was derived from the feeling of fast drives and sharp turns (so in short, you’re dude will feel really cool wearing this). Plus, the unique aromas (like Cilantro and Amber Wood) sound so amazing that I’m dying to smell it.

* A Charming KEYper: One lucky winner will never lose her keys again (thanks to this handy, adorable device). One end of the Charming KEYper has a beautiful charm (with words like “Hope”, “Love” or “Dream”), while the other side hooks discretely to your keys. So the next time you find yourself rummaging around for hours, you can simply pull on the beautiful charm and find your necessities on the other end. Plus, it comes in an adorable package (reminiscent of a purse) so you don’t even have to wrap it during the holiday season (just add it to someone’s stocking or give it away in person… you’re done!)

* Scotch Naturals and Hopscotch Kids: Did you paint your nails when you were pregnant? Do you worry about the toxic fumes while painting your kids toes (or hate hearing your spouse’s complaints about the funky scent?) Scotch Naturals creates all natural nail polish that is not only safe for your children, tweens and teens… but safe for pregnant mommas too! It’s the perfect holiday gift for your little ones, for an expectant mom (or even to host a safe spa birthday party or baby shower).

* The Purse Perfector: If you’re constantly losing your debit cards, chapsticks and baby rattles in the bottomless pit formerly known as your purse, this is perfect for you. The Purse Perfector is a handy clutch that fits seamlessly inside of almost any purse (it comes in medium and large sizes), to hold your various accoutrements with ease. It’s so cute that you can even carry it into the store in of itself (or keep it in your car so you’re never without your mothering “must haves”). Personally, I’m loving the new color options (including the Black with Berry lining shown above)…adorable!

How Do You Participate?

Join the party on Wednesday (December 15’th) from 8 to 9 PM/EST, using the hashtag #HoorayHolidays. We’ll be talking about the Hooray For Holidays promotion (and how you can save big), but also the best in holiday gift ideas, steals, deals and (of course) plenty of giveaways!

In addition to @makeovermomma, please be sure to follow the #HoorayHolidays giveaway sponsors to qualify:

* @AvonPRNewsFlash

* @ScotchNaturals

* @CharmingKEYper

* @PursePerfector

But what if you don’t have a Twitter account? You can still join in on the fun by following Purse Perfector’s Facebook page (and suggesting it to your friends)… it counts as an additional entry to win (and who knows, you just might be chosen!)

That’s all you have to do! See you soon!

* Speak Up: Are you going to be at the Hooray For Holidays Twitter party?

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18 comments on “Win Big At The Hooray For Holidays Twitter Party
  1. CJ Vocke says:

    I can’t wait. It sounds like a blast!

  2. Jamie S. says:

    I so want that Purse Perfector is that in your shop? I will be at the party!

  3. Hi, I’ll be there (unless the kids won’t go to sleep!) Cool prizes! The purse perfector is a great idea – I definitely could use it! Wish I could bold the definitely 😉

    The odor-free (toxic-free) polish sounds good, too!

    Twitter tells me this page doesn’t exist:
    @AvonPRNewsFlash (Hubby doesn’t use that stuff anyway!)

    Kathy (Surfaroni)

  4. Hi, I\’ll be there (unless the kids won\’t go to sleep!) Cool prizes! The purse perfector is a great idea – I definitely could use it! Wish I could bold the definitely 😉

    The odor-free (toxic-free) polish sounds good, too!

    Twitter tells me this page doesn\’t exist:
    @AvonPRNewsFlash (Hubby doesn\’t use that stuff anyway!)

    Kathy (Surfaroni)

  5. Melissa Lawrence says:

    voted, hope to see you at the party! @2boysblue

  6. Valerie Arnold says:

    I will be there. I also just voted for you… Good luck!!

  7. I’llne there…following all except for the Avon one which doesn’t exist…following their FB page & suggested to my friends!

  8. Lori Watson says:

    I’ll be there! @lorisweetapples

  9. I’ll be there @ChaoticKarma23

  10. Hey!!
    How’s your day going?
    I’ll be there tonight for your party!
    Kathy (Surfaroni)

  11. Brenda Andrews says:

    I’ll be there

  12. Krystyn richardson says:

    I’ll try and be there…cant wait…

  13. Marie Bruce says:

    I’ll be there


  14. Joanne Smith @momofbestbaby says:


  15. sue johnson says:

    rsvping for the party cant wait.

  16. Shannon Schulte says:

    @sethandshannon1 see ya there hon!

  17. Kim Courville says:

    Excited to join the party, have never done one before!

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