Win Beauty Products and Escape On A Vanity Vacation (Well, In Your Head)


What It IS: If you haven’t noticed, I’ve dropped off the face of the digital earth lately. Instead of regaling you with reasons at present (let’s save that for tomorrow’s post), I will reward you with goodies and glamour galore. What have you done to earn this un-warranted spoil fest? Tolerate me, for starters. As for the rest, read below!

What You Get: Win a complete head-to-toe product makeover with the #VanityVacation giveaway! One lucky girl gets ALL of the products – just share and comment. Could it be any easier?

The Goods: The Experts Behind Your Makeover Experience

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* The Teeth Makeover:Smile Brilliant

I’ve always had a thing for whitening strips, and have recently become a big fan of Rembrandt’s Peroxide Intensive Stain Toothpaste… so I couldn’t possibly have more room in my life for a whitening brand, right? Wrong! In the same way that visits to Chick Fil A’s playground with the kiddos does not suffice for a full excursion to Disney World: trying professional level whitening trays is completely different than casual peroxide usage. This is not to say there isn’t a place for simple whitening strips and quick fixes (especially if you’re as dilatory as I), but if you have a big event coming up or want some serious results… choose the trays.

Why? For starters, they are formulated to fit your mouth so that every single surface is treated methodically. I plan to detail exactly how this process breaks down super soon (stay tuned!), but it’s easier done, than said. Just put some goop in moldable trays, hold in your mouth until the impression is made, stick in the pre-addressed envelope, and send off as if you have your dental degree. Once you receive your personalized trays in the mail, you can begin whitening treatments whenever you want (no teeth left behind!) Yes, the brand is rather expensive, but completely worth it for anyone considering a similar concept at your local dentist or ortho (at least this way, you can clean the bathroom or read a magazine while you wait!)

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* The Hair Makeover: Vidal Sassoon Pro Series

Even if my 4 year old can’t pronounce it, most of us know that Vidal Sassoon is an expert in haircare. As someone who tests a lot of products and puts my hair through enormous rigamarole, it is somewhat begging for mercy. The new Pro Series from Sassoon is my “olive branch”, if you will. My way of saying, “Strands, you is kind… you is smart… you is important.”

The new line is all about one word: simplicity. And anyone who has ever been a mom or run a business (or run a business that’s about being a mom whilst being a mom and still having splitting ends to contend with) knows this is crucial. Sometimes using too many products to heal and repair our hair actually has the opposing effect, and thus springs the premise for the Pro line: less products that do more things. Basically, hair care that actually reflects our multitasking mastery as moms… not bad, right?

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* The Bronze Makeover: Tarte

Say the word “Tarte” and my older sister Corey perks up almost as quickly as River passes out in the movie Serenity. (For all of you non-nerds out there, this basically means it’s her “keyword”, and has a sort of hypnotic behavioral impact… much like when saying “Sephora” or “Ulta” as well.) Short story? She and I have been weird closet fans of Tarte for as long as I can remember. In the same way we reference geek cult iconography in daily lexicon [see first sentence, and be happy I haven’t referenced Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog yet], we use Tarte to solve most of our aesthetic woes.

And if our own volunteer spokes-person-ism isn’t enough to win you over, let their latest Golden Opportunity Deluxe Collection do the rest. Containing both the Brazillianceโ„ข Skin Rejuvenating Natural Maracuja Self-Tanner and Amazonian Clay Mineral Powder- you will look as if you’ve just returned from a real “5 star vaca” in no time. I personally use a little dab of the self-tanner on my face by day (along with my new favorite BB Cream), and hit up the hot spots with the softly shimmering powder. Swipe any T-zone on earth with that bad boy, and you look naturally tan without a fake or bake. Be convinced, girls (and if not, just ask my sister).

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The Final Results: What You Do

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* SHARE (that means give it a good FB share, tweet, or whatever floats your boat)… and be sure to comment so I know you did!

DON’T MISS: Keep an eye on my social channels for more details on the #VanityVacation party coming soon!

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