Win A Scentsy Buddy To Help Your House (And Kid) Smell Better

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There comes a time in every mom’s life where she needs to “spring clean”. This weeks episode of Makeover Momma TV wasn’t just about spring cleaning your home (though we did that), or your lifestyle (accomplished that too), or even your blog… it was about tackling the hardest issues, finding small ways to “un-plug”, and recharging yourself when it’s needed most.

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Exclusive Giveaway of the Week: Scentsy Buddy

How would you like to makeover your house with beautiful, aromatic items from Scentsy? This is exactly what my dear friend Maria is helping you do, by spoiling one lucky reader with a Scentsy Buddy for their child. As you can see from the photos above, my girls are absolutely in love with their soft, cuddly Scentsy Buddy (who helps keep their bedroom from stinking). Instead of putting a candle or flame in their room, the Scentsy Buddy keeps everything smelling fresh with a small Scentsy Pak hidden inside.

Of course Scentsy is perfect for a variety of other reasons too. It has zero flame so you can forget about fire, it doesn’t get dangerously hot so your kids are safe, and it’s easy to use. Heck, all you have to do is flick a switch on your Warmer or Plug-In of choice, and your house smells amazing in no time. So if you want to surprise your cutie with a smell-good friend (and give yourself a few days off from cleaning), enter right away…

How To Enter:

* Like Scentsy Maria on Facebook (she totally deserves it)

* Comment Below: Why does YOUR house need a Scentsy smell makeover?

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11 comments on “Win A Scentsy Buddy To Help Your House (And Kid) Smell Better
  1. My house needs Scentsy smell makeover because my daughter is in soccer – she always forgets to put her socks in the laundry basket (she puts them in her soccer shoes in her closet! EWWW – when we open the closet!) And I have a little boy who has just been potty trained – but the art of aiming isn’t so good 😉 so thus we need Scentsy in the bathroom! Also did I mention he was a boy and loves dirt/sand/and especially mud! So I also need Scentsy in the laundry room. Bailey, hopefully, I’ll get to watch sometime soon (when I’ve got a quiet 30 minutes – hmmmm do mom’s ever get 30 minutes of quiet?????)

  2. kristen barnhill says:

    Liked on FB (Kristen King Barnhill). My house needs some serious scentsy action because there is nothing nastier than a two year old 😉 The smells of her frootloops combined with whatever else she has managed to get into is almost more than I can handle <.<

  3. Jamie S. says:

    I like Scentsy Maria on Facebook

  4. Jamie S. says:

    I think my sons room needs a Scentsy smell makeover because it just has a boxed up smell to the room no matter home many times I febreaze the plkace it always smalles kind of like things have just come from being boxed up.

  5. Melissa Reichard says:

    My house needs a Scentsy makeover because my daughter’s room sometimes smells like her poopy diapers and she could really use a sweet smelling buddy in there to sweeten her room up. And plus she is a big fan to fluffy animals. She would love to add a Scentsy buddy to her collection.

  6. Krystyn says:

    Well if I win the scentsy buddy I will donate it to a Charity or give it to someone i know since I’m a scentsy consultant… Our house is full of scentsy!!! And we love scentsy!!!!

  7. Lisa Prusasky says:

    My house definitely needs a Scentsy Buddy makeover to help it smells better! First off, we have two cats, the whole downstairs smells like kitty litter and it never goes away no matter how many sprays air fresheners we have. Second of all, my mom is a hairdresser. The house smells of color and perm, stinky stinky! Since the weather is not warm enough yet to open up the windows, my family and I have to suffer with the cat smell mixed in with bleach, ammonia, and perm solution…yeah not cool. My family tries all of these things to help our house smells better from candles to plug ins, but nothing seems to help. Scentsy seems to be the only solution. I would really love to freshen up the spring air with a Scentsy Buddy 🙂 and I know my family, and cats will appreciate it too!

  8. Janet Howell says:

    Scentsy, is something I never knew about. I ran into a girl at a spring garden show who was selling items. They are the best, and still smell so fresh. The items that I purchased are to last 6 months. They make the house smell wonderful. This company is number 1 in my house. Soon it will be number 1 in the United States, it is awsome.

  9. jeannine m says:

    My #1 reason? I have a teen and they smell…… (I am @mellanhead on twitter and Jd drenchek-scavo on fb)

  10. Ali says:

    2 kids, 2 cats, a hard-working hubby that enjoys gardening on the weekends…which means he likes to pour manure-filled soil in our yard/garden, which adds to the “aroma” of our already stinky home. The list goes on, but I won’t bore you…or gross you out…with any more examples!

  11. Christa Deamer says:

    Bailey I think my house should have a Sentsy makeover because I have 3 kids, 3 cats a dog and hubby. I love to keep my house smelling nice and fresh but sometimes that is a challenge. What with 4 animals and a hubby that works in the sun all day!! (EWWWWW) And three wonderful kids with smelly feet!!! I always have a candle burning and I have just Recently discovered Sentsy. I have several different sents of the blocks of Sentsy wax (They smell delicious BTW!!!!) but I dont have a warmer. I would LOVE to add a beautiful warmer so that I can have peace of mind leaving my home with my warmer on and being able to return to the delicious smell of my Sentsy candles. I would love the opportunity to win! I liked her on FB under Christa Amar and tweeted about it on Twitter under TheCdreamer!! Hope to hear my name tonight!!

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