Win A Beautiful Statement Necklace From Chicos: Fashion Momma Giveaway

Do you love fashion like Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham? Listen up…

Wish you could win a gorgeous piece of jewelry, that makes a statement no matter what you’re wearing? Although we don’t advise wearing this to the grocery store with sweatpants…heck, it’ll look beautiful no matter what! Chico’s is giving away this beautiful necklace (see below) to one lucky Makeover Momma reader who answers the question…

* The Question: When did you first fall in love with fashion?

While you’re at it, be sure to enter their special March sweepstakes. They are giving away a $100 gift card every day to anyone who answers this question. Just submit your photo and answer to their Facebook page, and you’ll automatically be entered to win a gift card each day (and a potential $500 at the end of March!) How is easy is that? So answer this question, and get a chance at double the prizes!

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14 comments on “Win A Beautiful Statement Necklace From Chicos: Fashion Momma Giveaway
  1. Carol says:

    I first fell in love with fashion very late in life. I was so busy raising kids and working, and when they got a little older, I started caring about my appearance and being stylish.

  2. Calista Myers says:

    I first fell in love with fashion when I was a little girl(around age 4). My mother & grandmother are fashion hounds and we shopped every week for
    clothing. In fact, my mother who is now in her 70’s and I still read the fashion magazines religiously and keep up with the current trends!

  3. Emily says:

    I fell in LOVE with fashion in my late 20’s when I moved to London. London taught me that its ALL about personal STYLE rather than just wearing trends which blew my world wide open!

  4. Johanna says:

    Fell in love with it at age 20 in college. Learned all the fashion design houses and supermodels.

  5. Cyndi says:

    I fell in love with fashion when I was 9 years old. I was very sick and had to stay in the hospital for a week. My Granny bought me some PJs that looked like I Dream of Jeanie. Even though I felt awful and had an IV stuck in my arm, I felt very cool in those fancy pajamas. It was almost worth being that sick to get those pretty PJs.

  6. Paige says:

    I fell in love with fashion in my twenties when I started reading Vogue & In Style magazines. I also
    had a very stylish friend that I got ideas from!!

  7. Kammi says:

    I’ve already fell in love w/ fashion when I was a TODDLER!! I also fell in love w/ cosmetics too! I remember dressing up and putting a red lipstick and a big sunglasses acting like a mommy. lol. Oh, and high heels. I’m 32 yrs old now but I remember I’ve liked fashion and cosmetics. Then, growing up, I would look into magazines for fashion ideas and what to wear.

  8. Danielle says:

    Well I was born with little stilettos on my feet, so I\’ve been in love with fashion since day 1. I have a hardcore addiction to fashion magazines… I find alot of inspiration in them!

  9. I first fell in love with fashion when I was a little girl as well… probably around the age of 7-8. I remember wrapping the bath towel around myself in different designs and showing my mother! I always wanted to be a ‘fashion’ designer when I grew up! — Didn’t happen. But, I do still love it!

  10. Donna Boruff says:

    I first fell in love with fashion when I was in the 6th grade and in the girl scouts .. (haha) For our Troop meeting we got to dress up in our Mothers clothes and come to the meeting! I was so in love with the outfit that from that moment I created my own style and have done that since. I like to create unique styles with clothing. And I have the Girl Scout’s To Thank! for that! I also Have to thank them for the tons of Girl Scout cookies that I have consumed this year!! lol!

  11. I’ve always loved artful and attractive things, not necessarily fashion or fashionable things. Most of my exposure to fashionable clothing and accessories has been thru some of my favorite television shows like What Not to Wear and America’s Next Top Model.

  12. styleezta says:

    I was in 7th grade!! I started wearing clothes that everyone else envied so I knew I had some STYLE! Have loved it ever since 😀

  13. Shannon says:

    I first fell in love with fashion when I was living in Japan. I had never really payed attention until I was there and visiting Tokyo and Osaka. The outfits that the women and young adults wore were incredible. Total style & you could see their personalites in their style. I realized then that there was more than just jeans & a t-shirt when it came to getting dressed.

  14. Lydia says:

    I fell in love with fashion in my early 20s! I used to be a dancer and once of the dancers was really creative and good at sewing. She would make us these amazing outfits to wear at our shows!

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