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* Breakdown of the Month: TV SHOW EXTRAVAGANZA!

Wish you had more time alone to gab with your girlfriends? What if you could do so every Wednesday night, and win giveaways in the process? I’m so excited to announce the long awaited relaunch of the show-formally-known-as-Makeover-Momma-TV: Mingle Media Momma TV! The show is relaunching with a new day, new time, new co-hosts and amazing new topics. Now you can chat with a different mom expert and professional blogger every Wednesday: gaining new perspective on healthy living, new opinions on mothering, and new ideas on how to approve your life one “baby step” at a time.

Meet The Girls of Mingle Media Momma TV

* Bailey Vincent Clark of Makeover Momma: If you don’t already know me, here is the drill: I’m a homeschooling, work-at-home mother of two girls under the age of 5. I plan on adopting more kids in her future (hopefully), but in the meantime, I try to talk about my child’s special needs, constant quest for health, complicated relationships and budget beauty changes with zero filter.

* Linda Rihani of Baby To Be TV: Linda Rihani (successful host of the popular show Baby To Be TV) is infamous for her personal Vlogs and video of reviews of the best in baby products. Proud mother of two little ones (a boy and a girl), she is an experienced 3D/4D Ultra Sound Technician (so trust me, she knows babies!)

* Lara Dipaola of Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom: Founder of Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom and mother of 4 (spanning from teenage to toddler), Lara is not only an experienced writer and parent, but takes on motherhood with humor. She lives by the Marilyn Monroe quote “it is better to be ridiculous than absolutely boring”… and that’s why I love her!

* Jennifer Gerlock of Hip As I Wanna Be: Even though we love to tease her for being a former beauty queen and running marathons (yes, she really is that cool), Jennifer is best known for her insightful website Hip As I Wanna Be. She documents her beauty, health, business and parenting pursuits (she is the mother of 10 and 12 year old boys!)

* Kristi Bartlett of Creative Kristi: Kristi isn’t just creative because of her amazing crafting abilities and blogging skills, but also because she is a stay-at-home-mom of two (under the age of 3- eek!), and a military wife to boot (she deserves a medal already). Her personal motto is: “When life hands you lemons….. decorate with them!”

The Schedule: Join The Girls Each Wednesday

So when do you tune in to see these fabulous mommas and here their unique opinions? I’m kicking off the show THIS Wednesday (June 8’th) from 8 – 9 PM/EST. The MMMTV Mommas will take turns hosting in this order from here on out:

* Bailey

* Jennifer

* Kristi

* Lara

* Linda

Tune in weekly by clicking this link and watching live. If you want to join in the discussion (I’ll always be there even on the nights I’m not hosting), be sure to set up a quick Stickam account: free and easy! You can also use your Twitter account to chat as well…. whatever floats your metaphoric, technological boat.

10 Chances To Win Giveaways

So how are we kicking off a brand new month of shows? With 10 giveaways! Each host of MMMTV will be giving away a different beauty, fashion or healthy living product on their blog. You can enter all 5 giveaways by commenting on our post this week (so keep an eye out). But guess what? We’re also giving away a second set of everything during our live shows, so every time you watch a MMMTV show this month: you get another chance to win! 10 giveaways overall, 10 chances to win, and 5 fabulous hosts. Pretty good deal, right?

If you want to enter ALL of the giveaways on ALL of our websites, just click the girls names above, keep an eye out and comment when their posts go live.

Win This: Go UnDiet Book ($21 Value)

I hate the word “diet” and hate the concept behind them even more. In my experience, diets do nothing more than cut out essential food groups, warp our perception of healthy eating, disrupt our natural hunger/fullness response, and make us feel worse about our so-called “failures” along the way. Diets are an impermanent, ever changing fixture in our aesthetically obsessed society, and do little more than make us obsess about food, size and weight even more (all the while creating increasingly worsening examples of healthy role models for our children). So how can break the cycle of “good’ and “bad” food? Win this amazing new book from founder Gloria Tsang, RD. She gives women 50 easy rules to follow that help them forget ridiculous dieting strategies forever, learn how to read food labels once and for all, and finally look at food as what it is: delicious, nurturing and not the answer to our problems.

* Comment Below: Why are you going to watch the new Mingle Media Momma TV show this Wednesday?

Comment to win. Watch for another chance to win. And don’t miss all of the brand new Mingle Media Momma TV shows this month: every Wednesday from 8 – 9 PM/EST.

Makeover Mommaâ„¢ occasionally receives cosmetic products for review, with no obligation to positively promote or cover said brand. Receiving products has absolutely no influence over our recommendation of any particular product.

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    Because it looks totally interesting of course and to see what the end product looks like. These are impressive ladies doing the show. I like that.

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    Sounds like a fabulous group of ladies!

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    Just showing my support!! 🙂 You are going to rock it!

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