Why You Can Wear Shorts Like Kate Moss – Celeb Momma Style

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 It doesn’t matter what body shape you have… you can look better in summer shorts than you think. If you are worried about pulling off shorts this season, try finding the perfect fair for your size (or wearing a super flattering monochromatic ensemble, like petite mom Kate Moss).

  If you are a curvier mom, try finding a pair of shorts that hit a couple of inches above the knee (the most flattering length on a woman), and leave plenty of wiggle room (so you can sit, stand and breathe without the fabric pulling or bunching around hips and thighs). Create a long, lean effect by wearing shorts beneath a hip-length, slightly-flowing top (or add dimension with a cropped blazer or feminine cardigan).

If you’re wearing the same color (or similar shades) from head to toe, make sure one piece has a special detail to add style (an ornate trim on your sweater or lacy neckline on a top), and have fun with accessories (like ballet flats, gladiator sandals or chunky jewelry).

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Get Her Shorts: Pick a pair that is streamlined (avoid bulky details like large pockets or cargo accents), and not too short for comfort (check out Women’s Perfect Khaki Shorts).

Get Her Tank: The ideal top will fit well below your waistline (to extend your silhouette), without being too tight (we love classic tanks from Hanes).

Get Her Shoes: If you want to punch up a simple outfit (without wearing uncomfortable heels or wild, strappy sandals), pick a pair of soft ballet flats (like these Zoe & Zac Snapdragon flats).

* What do you do to dress up shorts…Would you ever wear this outfit?

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