Why You Can Wear Red Lip Color — Beauty Bloggerati Spotlight

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Are you too scared to wear red lipstick? It often seems like mothers shy away from daring lip colors, for fear of looking too “done” or “dark.” Try finding the perfect rouge for your skin tone with tips from Beauty Bloggerati expert, Beyond Beauty Basics. Luckily, if you just can’t bring yourself to wear red, they give tips for neutral nudes instead!

* Let Us Know: What is your perfect, favorite shade of lipstick?

Credit: © Jason Merritt/WireImage.com and Daily Makeover
Credit: © Theo Wargo/WireImage.com and Daily Makeover

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4 comments on “Why You Can Wear Red Lip Color — Beauty Bloggerati Spotlight
  1. Corey Holmes says:

    Love Madonna’s shade-in my fashions fanatsies it is my everyday color, but it is so high mantainance, and I am so lazy….plus I would “talk” it off….so gotta go with DJ Tanner!

  2. bailey says:

    Yeah, I could never pull off the red shade- just because I would feel to “aware” of my makeup all day. I love a really light, matte lip….

  3. Tiff says:

    You should try it!! I think it\\\’s totally adorable and shows confidence. I actually saw this post up too. If you try red maybe go with something less intense Revlon has a nice red gloss that I love.


  4. Bailey says:

    I definitely think I need to just go for it sometime…maybe I’ll test it on Halloween first?

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