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Want to get your mojo back, like fitness loving mommas Christina Milian and (weight Watchers fan) Jenny McCarthy?

Do you ever wonder how other mothers strive to get healthy in their daily lives, while balancing kids, careers and ensuing craziness? Check out our latest Makeover Momma feature, where you can look into the life (and goals) of moms just like you (and even steal their fitness tips!)

Name: Jennifer  (Check out her fantastic blog Hip As I Wanna Be, or Follow her on Twitter!) She is a mother of two boys ages 8 & 10 (“ I call them Young Jedi and Tiny Ninja, respectively”.)

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“Ever since I started a new job in April of 2009, I have found myself struggling with the pressures of a high-stress work environment and home environment. There is just not enough time in the day anymore.  I used to lift weights and run three times a week to relive stress but due to suffering from an IT band injury after running a marathon in May, I have not been able to exercise the way I used to. Quite frankly, my health has deteriorated since that time.  Each month I find myself heavier and heavier until recently topping the scales at an all time high. (Since having kids.) I am pretty miserable.  It is amazing how your weight can affect your overall confidence level.  It is time for me to turn this around.”

My New Goals:My new goals revolve around the theme of taking my life back or “finding my mojo.” I would like to reach my healthy goal weight by my birthday on December 17th.  Heck, forget the goal weight.  I would just like to fit back into my clothes! Even my sweat pants are tight these days.  Being realistic, that translates into a 15 pound weight loss.  That is a 1.5 pound weight loss each week, roughly. I would also like to shape up my lower body, which I consider my “trouble area.” I would love to have great legs one day!”

My Routine: “Because I have a problem with portion control (And who doesn’t?) I’ve started back on Weight Watchers because I found tremendous success using it before.  It will definitely make me accountable. I plan to incorporate some of the Body for Life principals into the eating routine as well – high protein, lots of veggies, eating 6 meals a day.  And to top it all off – I have a good friend who will be on the program with me at the same time.  Nothing like the buddy system to motivate you!  As far as my workout goes, the plan is to weight train with my husband 3-4 times a week and incorporate cardio at least four times a week for 45 minutes. If all goes well, I should be seriously running again by my birthday and looking fantastic.” Stay tuned for monthly updates about Jennifer’s journey, steal her successful tricks along the way, and please lend your encouragement and support!

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6 comments on “Why You Can Get Slim Like Jenny McCarthy — Real Momma Fitness Insider
  1. JenniferG says:

    Thanks for the encouragement! Trying to do all of this with two kids and a full time job is definitely challenging but hey – this is motivation enough!

  2. Jennifer is an inspiration! She does it all and still manages to keep after getting that mojo back. I’m honored to call her my bloggy-personal-trainer. She’s whipping into shape for my first ever 5k RUN (NOT WALK, right Jenn!) and contributes her savvy and sass to my Smart Girl For Life blog. THANKS JENNIFER and THANKS Makeover Mom for sharing her with the blogosphere!

  3. Bailey says:

    She really IS an inspiration… I could use some of her advice myself! It’ll be great to follow her progress along the way : )

  4. My problem area is everything pretty much between my scalp and my shins (I actually find my ankles quite appealing). I used WW before and I lost 40lbs, 10 of which I have gained back which means I need to lose about 20lbs before I am happy. Guess that means I should lose the Costco sized snack mix bag I’ve been carrying from room to room for the past week?! Great article, Jen, and luckily you are a machine when it comes to running so I don’t see you falling short of this goal:)

  5. Joanna says:

    My problem area is every where and everything also. I feel like a diet junkie. I have tried them all. When does it end?? I’m trying a new program from the local SPA & WELLNESS CENTER by my house. The Program is called Live Life Lighter at the Green Spa & Wellness Center in Brooklyn, NY.

    I get unlimited email support, acupuncture, personal nutrition plan and membership to the movement studio.

    I just started and Im praying this time around it is different but I believe it must be your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT all in it together.

    8804 3rd AVENUE
    Brooklyn, NY 11209


  6. Tammi says:

    Wow that’s a great story. She is indeed a real inspiration.

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