Why Washing Your Hair and Getting Naked Don’t Necessarily Go Together (Giveaway Alert)


Someone needs to wash that hair!

The Topic: I used to always have funky hair. Growing up, my older sister Corey called me “dirty hippie” (lovingly, I presume?) because my inability to style my thick, wavy strands led to an overabundance of product and grave misuse of any and all brushes. Now that my tacit instincts have kicked in and my natty predilections for dress have been established… I am all about some clean hair. Only problem? I am sick all the stinking time. And since I’ve been dealing with more hospital visits, IV poles, and up-coming surgeries as of late, it only seems natural that I cogitate means for appearing freshly showered, even when I’m using the sponge variety.

Ew, hospital hair.

First step? Ordering the new dry shampoo from the Herbal Essences Naked Collection before the holiday madness begins. I have literally tried a host of dry shampoos lately (with cocoa baking powder being my favorite, second to PSSSSSST from the drugstore), but nothing is really helping scotch the funky hair syndrome. Since the new Naked collection contains a sprayable option (don’t worry, I’ll be posting tons of “before and after” photos, as well as product details once I’ve had time to review)… it was the ideal pick. The collection will have 11 natural, paraben-free products that won’t hurt your hair, but while we anxiously await their arrival in stores, you can try four of the items now (especially if you win the following giveaway).

* Get Online: Because my car is broken as well (did I mention what an awesome week I’m having?), I literally cannot go to the store. So, as you can see from the video above, I popped up on to the Walmart.com website with my sponsored gift card, and ordered the new collection in about 30 seconds flat. (Don’t believe me? Watch the 15 second video!) I also went ahead and got some extra goodies for my kiddos for the holidays because shipping is completely free this close to the gift-giving season… so yes, I got free shipping too! Boom. Be impressed.

It’s like a helmet at this point…

WIN IT! Want to win your OWN Walmart.com $50 gift card? Perfect for exclusively trying the new $12 complete Naked line (as well as score whatever other goodies you want!) Just comment on this post and answer the following question…

Why do YOU need to streamline your haircare routine?

I will directly email, tweet and post the winner (via MMomma social media) before January 2n’d. Stay tuned for my official review of the new Herbal Essence Naked line too. Hopefully this dry shampoo (and the other amazing products therein) will do the trick for me… and you!

Want to share how smitten you are with this shopping experience? Pin these items or any others you like on the Makeover Momma Pinterest and I’ll love you forever and ever and ever.

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7 comments on “Why Washing Your Hair and Getting Naked Don’t Necessarily Go Together (Giveaway Alert)
  1. Jamie S. says:

    my hair is ok it would be cool to try something new on it.

  2. Lauren E. says:

    Im pretty streamlined with it, but I dont have a particular style. Id like to learn how to do certain hairstyles quicker.

  3. NIcole says:

    I need to streamline my hair routine b/c my hair defiantly needs a new style. I’ve been stuck with the same hair do for years, and I’ve just recently decided to try something new 🙂

  4. cindy c says:

    because life is short

  5. Christa Dreamer says:

    I would love to be considered Because I have a short hair style I am always looking for new ways to manage and style my hair. I have tried lots if products and they have left my hair feeling sticky or dirty. Would love to give this a try

  6. Rachel says:

    The line looks great! I would love to get away with washing my hair less…I try, and then feel so icky the next day I cave and get an extra shower after all! Oh well.

  7. amy rouse says:

    Why do YOU need to streamline your haircare routine?
    I have way too many products in the shower and way too little time!

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