Why Skidders Are The Coolest Kids Shoe Around

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* Fashion Breakdown of the Week: Skidders

My daughter has become the most popular kid on the playground. No, this is not because she has unbelievably good social skills at 18 months old (quite the opposite), or because her mother is the most intelligent person on earth (entirely true)… but rather, because of the shoes she’s wearing. I first saw Skidders on Target.com, while looking for a new pair of Fugg-boots (faux Uggs) to buy my youngest for the winter. The Skidders were so unique that I couldn’t get them out of my head: they were part sock, part shoe, and 100% comfortable.

Ever since I bought her first pair of Skidders, I am stopped almost constantly when I leave the house. Whether nurses, preschool teachers, or fellow moms (all of whom I would have expected to know Skidders by now), are taken back by this new, innovative kids shoe. At only $12.99, Skidders come in tons of colors, sizes, and best of all…they never, ever seem to hurt my little one’s sensitive feet. They slip on in one quick movement (saving my back from hours of chasing her around the house), and she never takes them off. I have literally sold and recommended so many pairs of Skidders by now (to happy, pleased friends), that I should probably consider making a career out of it. Who wants to hire me?

* Speak Up: Have you ever seen Skidders before? Would YOU buy these for your favorite child?

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2 comments on “Why Skidders Are The Coolest Kids Shoe Around
  1. Krystyn says:

    I saw them at target when we were out of town and I was wondering how my baby would like them, went to but them and didn’t know what pair to get love all the choices!

  2. Shanda says:

    My 19 month old loves her skidders! She only has them off when she is in her footy sleepers. She owns no regular shoes because she hates them as has very adorable, but very fat little feet. I want those pointe shoe ones!!!!!

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