Yes, Mumford & Sons Should Become My New Doctors (and Other Perfectly Rational Thoughts)


If you saw my recent re-introductory Vlog at the start of the week, you now that I gave a big, fat, eloquent “boo” to my health as of a late. This is clearly something that’s never been a big shocker- it’s been a rather chronic backslide throughout the years, and although I keep the over-share at a minimum, I’m never completely secretive about anything in my life. Being a writer, by definition, essentially means having the ability to ascertain life’s experiences and hurdles and triumphs and mold them into a visually digestible literary format that only somewhat makes your reader’s gag (choking yet?). Memories become words… tears become punctuations… and all of that magniloquent brilliance.

Lately I’ve been seeking out the words of others to fuel my own internal grapplings with the roller coaster of physicality that is my complaint-filled state at 26 (I am about as big a fan of roller coasters as Lindsay Lohan is of un-punched faces in New York City night clubs). Thus, enter exhibit A:


I don’t just love this quote because it comes from the lyrical stylings of unshaven, sexy Englishmen (how have I not succumbed to this Downtown Abbey trend yet?), but also because it’s true. For me, I hate the constant balancing of medical responsibility (hospital visits, pretending that doctor’s jokes really are funny, etc) versus what I actually want to be doing (smothering my children with enough affection to make them spend the better part of their young adulthood in therapy). Although nothing ever impacts my attentiveness towards said precious offspring, where is the line between extending the quality of life through medicine, and hindering the actual living? (See photos of said living via Insta snapshots below)

Health Sound Off: Riddle me this… which do you think is more important- staying on top of health issues at potential detriment of time spent enjoying, or doing the latter full force while neglecting your health? Ready, go!

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3 comments on “Yes, Mumford & Sons Should Become My New Doctors (and Other Perfectly Rational Thoughts)
  1. James says:

    Your question is a toss up, because on one side, perhaps treatment could prolong your time and allow you to be in your girls lives longer, see milestones like school dances, and other such things… However, the other side of the coin is the fact that Doctors are still just practicing medicine, so it is possible that it cannot give you more time, in which case, as much time as possible needs to be spent with the kids to create and build memories that will sustain them throughout their lives. So that they will always know you are watching over them and are alive in their memories

    All that being said, the simple answer is ……….. there is no simple answer, everyone needs to look at their life, their health issues and decide for themselves. And if people disagree, well, it was not their decision to make. Each decision, like each person and how their body responds to their health issues, is different. What works for them might not work for you.

    I have rambled on enough for now, thank you for sharing your life.

    Be well and safe, I look forward to getting to know you better
    – James

  2. Thanks James- what an insightful answer! Are you a professor in philosophy perhaps? (If not, consider that as Plan B) : )

  3. James says:

    Not a professor, just an old guy that has been around. 20 years in the Navy as a Corpsman (Medic) will do that. 🙂 Helps having a smart younger Brother and Sister to discuss / argue with about most any topic. 🙂

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