Why Hiatus Doesn’t Have To Mean Goodbye


Which would you choose?

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I’ve been a writer my entire life. As a child, I would forgo TV for months in favor of a Steno pad, a marker, and some overworked spin on Greek Mythology or Vietnam. Growing up, I had one goal and one goal only (other than becoming the antithesis of Ke$ha, a spy and Dave Matthew’s wife)… to be a writer. But after working as a professional journalist and columnist for nearly a decade, I realized that my long-term vision would never be fulfilled under the alternate vision of an executive editor. So what’s the mother of a brand new baby to do? Create her own website and become her own boss, of course!

Makeover Momma was born not too long after my first child, and grew just as quickly as she did (even if we practically share the same shoe size now). Yet despite it’s amazing success and evolution, there is one thing that will always be more important than the blood, sweat, tears and arthritic-riddled wrists sacrificed for the cause: my girls. This is why that with just as many tears and fears as it took to create Makeover Momma, I am regrettably taking a hiatus at this time. In the opinion of many around me, the idea of stepping down from a website, brand and career that I’ve always dreamed of is completely insane (and I kind of agree). Perhaps because of the combination of my parents’ values and a naive, home-schooled brain, I’ve always believed that if I set my mind to something, I can achieve it… but not for a lack of effort. Even though I was raised without the handy gene of self-doubt (leaving me landing on my face more times than not), the decision to take “family leave” from Makeover Momma comes without an ounce of doubt.

Alhough I hope to return to the website sometime in the near future (and will continue to update through social media channels to which you so kindly follow), when duty calls… this momma goes running! Despite the fact that this hiatus is necessary for the betterment of my family, homeschooling my eldest and my youngest’s special needs, the journey has shown me that women are truly capable of anything. If we can survive off of 4 hours of sleep, grow a brain inside of our womb and create enough nutrients to sustain another being, we can do anything else on earth that we find fulfilling as people, as parents and as professionals. If there is something that you want to achieve but haven’t found the chance to do so: do it now. Even if I am unable to continue my work on Makeover Momma at this time, I know I’ll continue to challenge myself through various other loves in life: choreographing, teaching dance, advocating for my kid’s rights and possibly finding time to read something that wasn’t written by Eric Carle.

Leaving sparkles and glamor for spit-up and Gerber is going to be tough!

In a sense, the Makeover Momma message and my plight as a mother are in a perpetual and constant paradoxical state. On one hand, the entire premise of the website is to encourage stressed out, overworked mothers to take time to think about themselves. It’s about the notion that although our lives revolve around motherhood (and rightfully so), it by no means is the only thing to define us. Alternatively, the choice between ourselves as people and our children’s development isn’t even worth debating, because there is truly only one right answer: the kids come first. Yes, our well being, mental health and physical agility are central to their later success in life and enjoyment as children, but motherhood comes with sacrifice (and anyone who says otherwise, should stop drinking the Kool-Aid). The fact of the matter is that our kids will only be this young once, they are blessings designed to make us better people, and in the end, we will never learn more in life than we will by learning through them.

So how can we remember the importance of our profession as mother, without losing every ounce of sanity and sense of self along the way? By connecting with each other. If there is anything that I’ve taken away from this experience, it’s that mothers will stick together no matter where they reside in the world, and we can be both self-sacrificing and self-improving (with every right to a little bit of both). To each and every one of you reading this now, I consider you a dear friend, a confidant and another sister in my life. Despite this latest evolution in my personal existence, nothing will stop me from continuing to stay in touch with the amazing women and mothers who have made this journey possible. No matter when, what or where you are, if you need a friend, I am always here for everyone of you (so don’t forget it!)

So if you’re holding back on a personal dream of your own, just remember: if you never ask questions because you’re worried about looking stupid, you’ll never learn anything at all. Jump in without worrying about falling, speak up without fear of faltering… you are strong enough to do whatever you want. There is no way that we can have our cake and eat it too, but that doesn’t mean we should stop striving for balance, stop trying to be better parents, or not invent a larger cake recipe.

In the end, the more that we raise our voices as mothers and seek out ways to better our families and ourselves, the happier the earth will become. In my opinion, men have run the world for long enough- and they’re not really doing the best job now are they? So whether you’re guiding your children at home one day at a time, or growing in the world by following your dream… every choice we make as mommas can change the world.

Now all you have to do is take the first step.

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8 comments on “Why Hiatus Doesn’t Have To Mean Goodbye
  1. Melissa says:

    Bailey, I completely respect your decision and I can only imagine what a difficult one it was to make. {{{hugs}}} You have a beautiful heart and will not regret this, I promise. Love ya, girl!

  2. Shannon says:

    We share the same childhood dream and dreams never die, even when they go on hiatus. Good luck to you, Bailey! Your girls are blessed to have a mother as amazing as you. Family first! Your audience will be here when you come back. : )

  3. Karen Putz says:

    Good for you, for making the hard choices and recognizing what’s important in your family’s life right now. To everything there is a season– that’s what keeps me going. I have some dreams on hold and some that I’m chasing to the fullest right now. Here’s to your new journey!

  4. julie katz says:

    best of luck as you go on your time off. it is amazing how quickly kids grow up. thank you

  5. I think you’re doing the right thing. You’re amazing woman and I can’t wait to see how Makeover Momma evolves in the future! My blog had to endure a few sabbaticals and total niche changes as well, but still it keeps on kicking. 😀

  6. Bailey, as a mom I know exactly what you mean by watching our children grow”while they are still children” 😉

    I send you hugs and know that I am always a call or email always ;). As a .mom of special needs babies I know the strength and sacrifices it takes from our own dreams, but also know that the hugs from our kids are what dreams are made of ;). Wishing you the best!

  7. CarolinaMama says:

    Bailey! I’m going to miss my Beauty and Fashion co-writer at SheSpeaks! I’m so proud of your decisions. Family is always first! That we’ll never regret! All the best to you and your family – I’m following in those other channels. 🙂 Cheers!

  8. Linda says:

    Of course! Family is always first! You Are Wonderful.{{{hugs}}}

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