Why Chocolate and Ryan Reynolds Would Be The Perfect Diet: Nutrition Momma Nutrisystem Diary

Gwyneth Paltrow and Heidi Klum are healthy eaters…what do YOU consider healthy?

In case you missed it, my husband (The Hubs, as I affectionally call him on @makeovermomma) has been trying out the Nutrisystem plan on behalf of Makeover Momma. Yes, he might not have the same intense cravings for chocolate and caffeine that most mommas do (or at least I do), but his steak and potato habit has left him not feeling ready for bikini season. And since I have to eat gluten-free (and concequently can’t present the female perspective on this matter), he’s going to try and get in touch with his feminine side on behalf of curious mommas out there.

Even though we’ve documented his journey last month, this month we’re kicking off a weekly feature with actual first hand accounts of The Hubs journey on Nutrisystem. Now remember that we don’t personally advocate any form of dieting here at Makeover Momma, but if you simply don’t have time to cook healthy meals and believe that you can learn healthy habits from this plan… this will hopefully give you an inside perspective on the plan. Plus, The Hubs will try very hard to think about mommas during this journey (not in a creepy way), so you can decide if this diet could work for you.

* Month 2, Week 3: “I’m really happy to be revealing the inner secrets to my svelte body, because now my wife can no longer tell me I don’t understand women. As a honorary Makeover Momma, I’m trying to envision what my wife would say about the journey so far (if she could eat gluten-full foods), and so far the answer seems to be what she always says: “needs more chocolate”. Other then that, I am actually really enjoying the meals and the variety. I make sure to follow the plan properly, so I add the appropriate serving of carbs, produce and dairy with each meal (otherwise I’d be about ready to eat an entire cow). As long as I follow everything and get the right servings of outside nutrients (that aren’t included in the meals), I feel like this is really working for me. Maybe by this time next week I’ll look like Ryan Reynolds (the only other thing my wife would complain about not being included in the plan).”

* What Do You Think: Have encouragement for The Hubs? Want to ask him questions about the plan or the meals? Speak up!

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