Why Bloggers Need To Raise The Bar On Better Relationships

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I worked as a traditional journalist for years before I became interested in online writing. After a decade of print journalism, I looked at blogging as a way to finally be honest with the reader and consumer: no editors dictating what I say, and no brands buying my opinion with free products. So why is it that blogging gets such a bad reputation? For most of us, our website and writings are our one and only means of release, income and professional satisfaction. Contrary to popular and grossly misinformed belief, we wouldn’t sacrifice our personal voice for the world (so the occasional free lipstick is certainly not going to be the catalyst towards “selling out”).

So why do so many PR agencies and media companies continue to treat bloggers with less respect then they deserve? This is where Respect Bloggers comes in. It’s a brand new online campaign founded by Debutante Media: one of the only remaining agencies to look at each individual blogger as a personal relationship. If you’re sick of getting press releases addressed to “Dear Webmaster” instead of your name…. join the Respect Bloggers revolution. If you’re sick of companies sending you a free item for review, hounding you until your post goes live, without ever asking if you wanted to participate…. embrace Respect Bloggers. And if you’re over getting 300 press releases in one day (with zero attempt to find a common ground as professionals), it’s time for Respect Bloggers.

Blogging is all about relationships…

Of course not all bloggers are created equal. There will always be “swag chasers” (who go to conferences and events purely for the freebies) or “spell-check flunkies” (so-called online journalists who can barely put two sentences together). But for the rest of us, it’s time to raise the standard for how we are treated as online personalities, and demand the same courtesy, communication and journalistic integrity that other writers are afforded.

The Respect Bloggers Revolution: What You Can Do

* Get Tweeting: Follow @RespectBloggers on Twitter and tell your followers about this new campaign. You can use the hashtag #respectbloggers, re-tweet or do anything else you see fit… as long as we’re spreading the word, we’ll be making change!

* Write a Guest Post: Have a horror story to share about less-than-polite PR relations in the past? Share your thoughts, advice or game changing suggestions with Respect Bloggers as a guest writer!

Want more from Debutante Media and I? Keep an eye out for a host of new opportunities launching soon (including giveaways, online Twitter and Facebook parties, and much more). We want to provide you with a chance at better relationships…. all you have to do is spread the word!

* Sound Off: What is one of the worst ways you’ve ever been treated as a blogger?

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