Why 20 Minutes of Exercise Is More Than Enough…

New and expectant moms (like Ellen Pompeo and Ali Larter) can all benefit from physical fitness…

We all know how difficult being a mom can be (it’s a 24 hour, 7 day a week job that never ends,) and sometimes it take a toll on our stress levels (ok, all the time). We wouldn’t trade motherhood for the world, but the value of being a healthy mother is something so we often unintentionally neglect. So if you’re bored with your workout habits, stalling out on exercise ideas or simply feeling achy moving into the cold weather season, try reevaluating your routine. It might seem cliche, but in-home exercise DVD’s were practically invented for moms. They let you spice up your daily regimen (sexy dancing and kickboxing in the same morning? Sure thing!), but do so all in the privacy of your own home.

So if your schedule is getting tighter as the kids head back to school and summer fades away, stop worrying about exercise, and let fitness fit into your life. One of the best brands around is (without a doubt) Acacia, because they have unique workout videos that tackle a variety of  body parts in a variety of ways. And most of our favorites can be done in only 10 to 20 minute chunks a day (so no need to stress). And even if 20 minutes a day doesn’t seem like enough time to stay truly fit and healthy, it’s always better than skipping exercise all together (so stop being a perfectionist and do what you can!)

* Fit in 5 Total Body Tone ($16.99): This video is like a personal trainer in your own home. It covers strength training, Pilates, Prana Vinyasa Yoga, abs and Cardio, with each segment lasting only 20 minutes. So you can do one small workout every day, 5 days a week (just like you would taking classes at the gym), but you’ll be hitting new muscle groups and challenging yourself differently each time.

* Exhale Core Fusion Yoga Energy Flow ($16.99): Even the name of the video is relaxing me! This video is based on the world renowned Exhale Spas, which have transformed thousands of bodies through long, lean conditioning practices. Since we all can’t get to the Exhale Spa, this video is the next best thing by giving you Yoga infused toning in your home. Each video is a total of 50 minutes but is broken down into 10 minutes segments, so you can aim to do 10 minutes every day for the entire week (perfect if you’re really busy or stressed). Remember, every little bit counts!

* Keeping Fit ($16.99): This video is taught by Andrea Metcalf, who blogs on Oprah.com, and has been seen on NBC’s the Today’s show. Her workout routines target women of all ages, to help build muscle mass and boost the metabolism. Even if you’re a slightly more mature momma (or heck, even a grandmother) you can enjoy these routines, but they’re also perfect for younger ladies too. Each of her routines involve 5 minute blasts of exercise to effectively burn fat, raise your heart rate and keep you from getting bored (plus, it’s super customizable!)

All three of these DVD’s got an A+ from various women on our Real Momma panel (who tried them personally). I even talked about them on Makeover Momma TV, because I was so impressed with the concept of working out for 10 to 20 minutes a day, yet still seeing results. If you want another suggestion for getting in shape as a busy mom (without exercising for ridiculously impractical periods of time), check out this Tracy Mallet Total Body Fat Burner.

It lets you workout for as little as 6 minute spurts a day, to help increase your metabolism without depleting your energy (it’s true when we say “any exercise is better than no exercise”.)

* Speak Up: Which of these workouts do you want to try the most?

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