Who Needs Lunges When You’ve Got Coffee…

It takes a lot to fuel a mom’s day (like busy celebs Ellen Pompeo and Sarah Michelle Gellar)…

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I know what you’re thinking… how can coffee and fitness combine with each other? Yes, your daily java might help fuel that morning workout (or you might sip a steaming latte while at least thinking about doing squats), but the culmination of burning calories and drinking coffee don’t usually mix. I first came across Fitness Coffee while researching brands to add to my Makeover Momma shop, and realized that over 20 other bloggers were toting, talking about and drinking this special brand of coffee.

That’s a great thing, right? But the blue haired, 14-year-old-former-punk inside of me began to rebel, and I was almost turned off by the popularity surrounding Fitness Coffee… until I realized that everyone is loving this drink for a reason. Usually if that many people get behind a product….you know it’s got to be good!

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As the brand so eloquently explains, “Fitness Coffee has many healthy supplements that support your body to reach your fitness and overall health goals.” And in case you’re wondering what makes this brand have such a cult-like following, we’ve gathered a few reasons for you. 1) Fitness Coffee is the only coffee on the market that has a patented health coffee blend, 2) it’s 100% natural, and 3) there are less calories than those artificially enhanced instant coffee products (and no hydrogenated fats or sugars). Plus, Fitness Coffee has over 300% more antioxidants than green tea and over 150% more antioxidants than red wine (and it’s only $10!) To top it off, Fitness Coffee can increase your metabolism, increase your energy levels, help you lose weight and improve muscle recovery….so it definitely kicks the butt of your usual cup of joe, no?

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* Answer This: How often do you drink coffee per day?

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