Here’s Why You Can Wear Christina Aguilera’s Leggings This Fall — Fashion Trend Focus

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Are Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera’s leggings a little too wild for you? Try Tim Gunn’s legging advice…

Makeover Momma reader and soon-to-be-mom Ashley recently posted a question on our Facebook page, saying, “As a budding mom (which is a nice way to say none of my pants fit anymore and I’m too injury prone to wear heals anymore) I need to know what I can do to stay warm in winter, without wearing actual pants.

I’m in-between my size 3/4 and maternity clothes. I’ve been getting a lot of advice about leggings, but I’ve never worn them and don’t know, A) what to buy, B) how to wear them, and C) how to keep them (and tights) from not causing a terrible static cling. Static spray smells so bad. Help!”

Luckily, Makeover Momma was able to attend a recent runway show event featuring Tim Gunn, and gather advice about leggings straight from the classic stylist himself. Check out our runway show photos below, for examples of Tim’s favorite legging looks…

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What Tim Gunn Recommends: “Leggings have a tendency to look like tights cut off at the feet, or really long bicycle shorts. Leggings should always be just above or directly at the ankle.” Stay tuned tomorow for our exclusive video and interview with Tim Gunn!

How Can You Rock This Trend?:

1. Don’t spend a ton of money on leggings, because you may grow out of them as your pregnancy continues (or for non-expectant mommas, when leggings shrink in general).

2. Try getting a variety of dark, flattering colors (and when in doubt, always choose a size larger than what you expect). Start with a classic pair (like Merona Leggings), or have fun with more youthful versions (like Xhilaration Fashion Zipper Legging.)

3. If static cling is a problem (but the stench is even worse), use some thrify tricks like rubbing a dryer sheet on leggings (keep it in your pocket during the day), spraying with aerosal hairspray, or even putting in the wash with a small amount of baking soda (read more thrify tips here).

* Let Us Know: What is your trick to wearing leggings with style (if at all)?

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