Where To Find Healthy Snacks Like Elisabeth Hasselbeck — $5 Buy

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Want a gluten-free or  vegan snack (like moms Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Pamela Anderson prefer?) Check this out…

The Buy: If you want a quick, portable snack that is high in protein and flavor (while low in calories), try the new vegan protein strips from Primal Spirit Foods. Although at first these (gluten-free) soy based strips have an odd texture, their tasty BBQ flavor (and 80 calorie number) makes them ideal to throw in your purse for a snack on-the-go.

The Price: $1.99

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* What is your favorite low budget snack at the moment?

*All meal suggestions at Makeover Momma™ will include allergen information and suggestions for children with allergies, celiac disease, or additional health concerns. The above snack is gluten-free (in Texas BBQ and Hikory Smoke flavor) and vegetarian.

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2 comments on “Where To Find Healthy Snacks Like Elisabeth Hasselbeck — $5 Buy
  1. Ali says:

    I get protein bars from Costco, in bulk, so they are cheaper…I think I get around 24 for just under $20, so UNDER a buck a piece!

  2. Bailey says:

    That’s awesome advice!… what kind are they, or what flavors?

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