Where To Find Gwyneth Paltrow’s Fall Nail Polish — Real Momma Product Review

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Gwyneth goes dark, while Demi keeps it light. What Fall nail colors do you like? Try this…

Are you stuck in a nail polish rut? It can be easy to start wearing the same tried-and-true shades on repeat (if you manage to paint your nails at all), so we asked Real Momma contributor Shanda to step out of her pail, subtle comfort zone, and try this bold Fall shade…

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Product: Avon Nailwear Pro (Fall Shades)

My Favorite Thing:“Avon’s Nailwear Pro offers the look of professionally manicured nails with a salon-quality formula and a precision brush.”

What I Thought: “This nail polish was indeed easy to apply and glided effortlessly onto my nails. As for the color, I don’t normally wear dark hues on my nails but I have noticed several people wearing similar shades this Fall.I gave it a try on my toesies (see above). I think I will stick with lighter colors and my usual pink/red palette, but I definitely liked this easy-to-apply polish!

* Speak Up: What shade of nail polish are YOU wearing right now?

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