What To Do With Dirty Hair and 5 Minutes To Spare



The Inspiration: The wispy collegiate female protagonist in Like Crazy. See my corresponding movie review here (you owe it to yourself, dude).

The Process:





1. Line the insides of your eyelids with creamy black eyeliner (yes, open up your eyes and poke around in there on the underside of your eyelashes).

2. Use thick, black liquid eyeliner along your lash-line (right next to those eyelashes), starting from the middle of your eyeline and moving outward. Not the entire lashline, capiche? We’re too lazy for that

3. Use mascara base (that weird white stuff from any ‘ole brand), but swipe downward along your eyelashes first. Coat your lashes by moving downward… than upward…and finally do a few individual strokes with the tip of the brush. (You need to wine and dine those eyelashes, my dear)

4. Repeat the same funky pattern using your favorite lengthening mascara (it doesn’t have to match the brand of your base). I’m digging L’Oreal Paris Voluminous False Fiber this week.

5. Side part your hair and secure in lose side ponytail. Create a little hole at the base and flip ends through to create a twisty concoction. Braid the ends and secure with another band (make sure you have lots of wisps sticking out- easy if you’re a busy mom).

Be sure to follow my strange facial expressions on the Visual Vice board for more “poor-photography fabulousness”! How can you resist?

Speak Up: What do you like the most about this look: hair or makeup?

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One comment on “What To Do With Dirty Hair and 5 Minutes To Spare
  1. RJ says:

    Girl! Kudos for you because I always want to do my own video for makeup but never have time due to my adorable son, Eric Jr. You’re awesome! 😉

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