What I Wore On My Honeymoon (A Guide To Packing Ridiculously Light)


The Outfits: I just got back from my wedding vacation (see also, ridiculously detailed post about said nuptials), and am feeling lazier than ever. Unlike most newlyweds- who meticulously plan their honeymoon wardrobe options like they’re going in to perfectly-accessorized battle – I did the opposite. I literally threw a few sweaters, two pairs of jeans, and some tights in to a laundry basket… and called it a day. Although my style slack may not be enviable in of itself, the upside was I had to get creative with very little (and in turn, was able to pack a lot less). Here is how I re-used some of the same items over the week, without looking too redundant…

 photo 7_zpse1df1e4a.jpg

* Cosby Sweater + Leg Warmers (Non-Ironically) I love this Cosby sweater (see also, my favorite expletive-laden scene from High Fidelity). I bought it on sale at Kohl’s right before our trip, and it didn’t disappoint in comfy, coziness. I wore this with a black workout skirt from Target (seriously, workout skirts are meant to be worn as real skirts more than real skirts… trust) on the drive down to South Carolina. It was perfect for a long car ride, especially when paired with my super-cheap tan booties and black leg warmers layered over.

 photo 5_zps266fdbc8.jpg

 photo 6_zps623df31e.jpg

* Skinny Jeans + Hard Accents: Apparently, I was on a sweater kick this trip. You can’t see beneath my purple coat (compliments of Walmart), but I have on the same seafoam green “sweater friend” as featured a few photos below. This initial time it was paired with skinny jean leggings (tons of adjectives I should be ashamed to use, but swear they feel like pajama pants), black studded boots, and this kick-arse random ring. Why? Why not!

 photo 2_zpsc14718fe.jpg

 photo 3_zpsb402cef6.jpg

 photo 4_zps2e9f96ae.jpg

* A Sparkly Top + Tight Black Skirt: This top is like an ice skater fantasy on crack. It was $9 on sale at Urban Outfitters (probably because it’s cropped, and sheer, and looks like Tara Lapinski going to the prom)… and fabulous. I wore it with a somewhat high-waisted black stretchy skirt to balance out the elevated waistline. Now I just need to think of a million more ways to wear it!

 photo 9_zps8a8c4a54.jpg

 photo 10_zps29bb38fc.jpg

* Seafoam Sweater + Workout Skirt: Now it’s time to start getting creative. By reusing my sweater from earlier in the week (layered underneath this black fleece and $1 teal scarf), but pairing it with the comfy workout skirt, tights and the same studded boots… I get a different look with zero effort. How did I ever get a 4.0 GPA in college with this sort of attitude?

 photo 1_zps1534d0a9.jpg

* Skinny Jeans + Leg Warmers: This grey sweater has leather accents on it (as Luke Wilson says in The Family Stone, “Can you dig it?”), and is super laid-back. I wore the same skinny jeans with leg warms over-top (changes the look, elongates the leg AND serves as socks), with the same tan booties. Tada!

 photo 11_zps0d3a7de1.jpg

* Cosby Sweater + Tight Black Skirt: Since the somewhat high-waisted skirt had only been worn once, I revamped it with same Cosby top, black tights (rolled to a crop), tan booties, and a snarky attitude. Why? Because I had successfully made a laundry basket of lazy-lady options work for the week… and was comfortable the whole durn time.

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