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Many other moms are fans of Weight Watchers, including Jenny McCarthy. 

  Balancing diet and exercise as a busy mother is an extremely difficult task, and it can be made all the more frustrating if your post-partum weight loss begins to stall. Makeover Momma reader, Tiffany, expressed her own problems with healthy eating and cooking, because there is just no time left on her plate. (For more on Tiffany’s weight loss plateau and Makeover Momma’s fitness tips, click here).

The Problem: “My problem with eating is that I have never been much of a cook.  I am more of a “heater” than a “cook”… I buy almost everything pre-packaged or frozen and then just throw it in the oven.”

Her Diet Now: Tiffany (a mother of one) follows the Weight Watchers diet plan by counting points (18 to 20 per day), and keeping her calorie count at a low 1,200 to 1,500. Her breakfasts usually consists of a Slim Fast shake or 2 pieces of Weight Watchers toast (with low-fat cream cheese or butter spray), and lunch and dinner are typically microwavable meals (like Lean Cuisine).

  Although Tiffany is already at a healthy weight for her height (and needs to fuel her active lifestyle), making small changes to her diet can help her look leaner and bump up that metabolism. (For more on Tiffany’s eating habits and weight loss, please check out her amazing blog Paging Dr. Mommy).

The Fix:

* There is nothing wrong with being an “anti-cook” momma (we can be too!). Instead of trying to master fois gras in five seconds flat, start working with your motherhood personality and lifestyle, instead of against it. In Tiffany’s case, it may benefit her to increase or relax her calories slightly one day per week and enjoy some “worthwhile treats” (while still keeping track of her Weight Watchers points). This can refuel her focus for the up-and-coming week, and give her body a break from such a strict regimen…

* Try rearranging how you eat throughout the day, instead of adding more food (to speed up your metabolism). Instead of 3 square meals and healthy snacks (Tiffany prefers fresh fruit and leafy greens), split your meals into 5 or 6 smaller portions. Your goal is to eat smaller meals (or well-rounded snacks), more frequently…

* Stop worrying about cooking fresh foods (if you simply hate it), and start mastering a variety of no-cook options. Choose foods that do the portion control (or point counting) for you. Make low calorie options like egg whites (or Egg Beaters) in the microwave with a serving of vegetables, a serving of cottage cheese or Weight Watchers yogurt with a handful of almonds, a few slices of rolled up turkey with low-fat cheese, or an apple or celery with two-tablespoons of peanut butter.

* Incorporate extra protein and fiber into meals, to help you feel fuller for longer. Add protein to previous snacks (like fruit or sugar snap peas), with a scoop of hummus, some apple butter or a handful of unsalted nuts. (For more on making microwavable meals work for you, check out “Meal Delivery Plans: Diet Trends Decoded“).

* Give your body extra nutrients and vitamins (instead of subsisting on processed meals alone), by introducing a small serving of produce to every heat-up entree (like a small side salad with low calorie dressing or a serving of vegetables).

* Do you want your diet revamped, or tips on your latest nutrition plan? Pose all nutrition questions, quandaries and advice… and we will answer!

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  1. This is great, easy advice for moms and very soothing to those thinking of becoming a mommy soon!

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