Weigh Your Food, Not Yourself: Nutrition Solution In Seconds

Craving a snack like adorable moms Heidi Klum and Kendra Wilkinson? Size it right…

The Problem: Not enough time to juggle kids, a demanding career, and make nutritious meals for yourself.

The Solution: Though it’s tempting to eat a high fat, sugary honey bun in the morning, it is much more wise to go for delicious fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. The ladies of Makeover Momma definitely understand how hard it is to maintain good health, without compromising the health and futures of their children. Replacing essential carbohydrates with sugary, fatty foods will only fulfill cravings for physical hunger, but nutritious foods like nuts, lean meats, and dairy products will actually satisfy your needs (so you won’t be reaching for a doughnut an hour later).

This is why we were so excited to find the Eat Smart Food Scale to help measure the amount of healthy foods our family is eating, and make cooking meals all the more fun! Kids surprisingly love to use this scale on a daily basis, so making a simple smoothie not only becomes a learning experience for them (but it also helps you eat the proper portion size and improve your diet). Since it’s petite (and only $28), you can slip it in a drawer when you’re done (it won’t take up space in your kitchen), and use in tons of different ways. Try measuring the correct amounts of fruits that can be used in healthy yogurt parfaits, the right size of chicken for healthy nuggets recipes (try breading in crushed gluten-free cereal), and the right amount of carbohydrate for your day (so you won’t overdo it on the starches again). Easy, brainless, and you’re enjoying a meal with your family in no time!

* Sound Off: What is your favorite reason for using a kitchen scale? Have you ever used one before (and would you want to?)

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One comment on “Weigh Your Food, Not Yourself: Nutrition Solution In Seconds
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