Watch My Special Needs Chat And Be 1 of 20 Winners!

* Product Review of the Month: SPECIAL CHAT FOR SPECIAL NEEDS!

Makeover Momma is all about the moms (not to mention the makeup, clothing, and workouts). But it pretty much goes without saying that most of us moms deal with a great deal of stress and struggle when it comes to our kids and their various needs. Even if you don’t have a special needs child at home, you probably have a friend who does, or can sympathize with the plight of special needs mothers throughout the world.

So why should you join in for the Hands & Voices Communication Chat tonight (July 25’th at 7 PM/EST)? Because even if you don’t have a child who struggles with their hearing, speech or means of interaction, you can always learn more to help your friends, family or other kids in need. If you want to talk directly with top experts nationwide or learn more about sign language, speech therapy or other technological resources for your kids, don’t miss the show!

Here’s How It Works

* Click This Link to watch the Hands & Voices chat live at 7 PM/EST. You can view experienced moms, other guest experts and myself on the screen (just like a TV show), and ask them questions in a chat room throughout the hour.

* Win Giveaways by following our amazing sponsors and participating in the conversation. If you want to chat during the show, make sure to set up a free, easy account at (you can’t actively join the discussion without a username).

Even though Hands & Voices is a non-biased organization for deaf and hard of hearing children, you can learn something from all of our experts. Better yet, over 20 of you (yes, 20) will win goodies from the following company (that’s pretty good odds)….

The Giveaways: Ear Gear

My daughter Follin loves to eat her hearing aids. Even though she’s had them since she was 7 months old, she is constantly on the quest to rip them apart and chow down. I have to constantly take them on and off to avoid her choking when she’s not in my line of sight (in the car, at friend’s houses, playing in her room). As you can imagine, this is not only extremely tedious and expensive, but could be a grave hazard to her health. Thankfully, her pension for hearing aid cravings has greatly decreased since the introduction of Ear Gear in our home.

Ear Gear is a super comfortable accessory that slides easily onto hearing aids, and clips them securely to clothing. Even if my (now 2 year old) daughter pulls them off, I don’t have to worry about losing them because they’re still clipped to her shirt. And since the soft material makes her hearing aids more comfortable overall, she is less likely to become frustrated in general. If I could give a pair of Ear Gear to every baby, toddler and child I know…. I would!

* Follow To Win: To be entered to win the fabulous giveaways, make sure you’re following the @EarGearHearing and @VAHandsnVoices Twitter accounts. Easy, right?

So if you want to win giveaways (20 winners total), chat with other moms and hear more about special needs children, don’t miss my special Hands & Voices chat tonight!

* Speak Up: Are YOU coming to the live webisode tonight?

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3 comments on “Watch My Special Needs Chat And Be 1 of 20 Winners!
  1. Krystyn richardson says:

    I’ll be on forsure, can’t wait to join the chat

  2. Kelly says:

    I missed it but am watching it now….

  3. Thanks so much! I accidentally was only able to record the last 30 minutes, so that’s why it seems like a lot is missing!

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