Watch Moone Boy While Listening To Badly Drawn Boy (Good Things, Good Things)


Songs Even A Deaf Girl Wants You To Download*:

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* Want optimum tune-age without spending a dime? Check out my new Spotify Playlist in all its nerdy glory. This was the playlist used for my August “pre-ception” party (to celebrate our engagement because few people will be at our tiny reception)… Something for everyone, right?

Things You Must Hulu Right Now:

* Moone Boy: Pour yourself a bubble bath, grab one of these pillows for neck pain (oh yes, they’re good), a girly drink, and get your giggle on with this Hulu Plus addiction of mine. It’s like Wonder Years… except set in Ireland in the 80’s. It’s a lot dirtier and more crass, but the concept of awkward prepubescent-ism is universally funny (as is his somewhat-sexy invisible best friend. Yes, I think he’s attractive)

* Mercy: As with most good shows, I wish this had never been canceled or that I had discovered it long before. It’s like Grey’s Anatomy if Greys was far more twisted, sarcastic and realistic, and features the chick from Orange is the New Black. Plus, Huck (yes, from Scandal) as a sassy gay nurse… does it get any better?

Requisite Wedding Dress To Drool Over (Because This Never Gets Old)

Art Candy To Satiate Your Soul:

Where You Should Go In Your Head Right Now:

Do you have art, music, movies or anything to add to the list this week? Leave a suggestion or Pin me!

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