Ward Off Cold and Flu Season With Pedialyte Singles

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Why is that everyone always gets sick this time of year? Sometimes I think that mothers should qualify for a nursing degree by the end of cold and flu season. As soon as summer rolls around, I’ve wiped more runny noses (bibs work beautifully as permanent snot rags), shoved more thermometers into tiny armpits, and delivered more Motrin and Tylenol cocktails than the whole of Seattle Grace. (Yes, I like to reference fictional destinations as if I’ve been there).

But this year I’m stocking up for the on-coming battle against mucus and fevers as if preparing for war. Perhaps my favorite new discovery right now is Pedialyte Singles (to fight against dehydrating from throwing up, upset tummies and more). Even though I’ve used Pedialyte for years (my kids would drink it like a milkshake if I let them), the Singles are extra cool because they come individual packets (making it seem extra cool to your munchkins) and they have clear liquids so they won’t stain anything. (And if you want to try it for yourself, just click here for a $1.50 off coupon…got to love those!)

* Sound Off: What is your number one tip for fending off the cold and flu season?

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