Walk A Mile In A Survivor’s Shoes With Avon: Makeover Momma Exclusive Video

Who do you know that has been effected by breast cancer? Almost all of us have been touched by breast cancer in some way (including myself with the loss of my Aunt Patsy), and so I was deeply motivated to report from the annual Avon Walk For Breast Cancer in Washington, DC. I was not only able to meet inspiring, strong women (and the loving support that surrounds them), but gather tons of footage about the journey.

Along the way, I spoke with the CNN reporter Suzanne Malveaux, who was walking with three generations of women: her twin sister, her mother, and her 16 year old niece. They were empowered enough to walk for breast cancer as a family, and there were many other inspiring reasons for walking (just read below)…

* Sisters Walking Together: “We’re walking for my mom’s first cousin (who is currently battling breast cancer, and my grandmother (who has breast cancer in her 30’s). Luckily, she’s a long time survivor!”

* Expecting Momma (7 Months Pregnant): “I’m walking for my mother. She was just diagnosed in December (so I was already pregnant with my second baby). I live in Florida, so I went online, looked at the walks and thought this would be fun.”

* Loving Husband (Dressed As A Bumble Bee): “My wife was diagnosed in September of 2008, and we’re doing this to support her and all she’s been through. [I’m dressed as a bumble bee because] according to scientists, it’s not aerodynamically able to fly. It shouldn’t be able to fly… but yet out of some miracle, it can. So, we know that my wife will be the miracle too.”

* Let Us Know: Why would you walk for breast cancer, if you had the chance?

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2 comments on “Walk A Mile In A Survivor’s Shoes With Avon: Makeover Momma Exclusive Video
  1. I walked with Christine Lee last year…Here is some of my story http://chickennuggetsofwisdom.blogspot.com/2008/10/take-pledge.html

  2. Thanks for sharing! That is SO cool! We should do it next year as Team HIP…I’m game!

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