Wake Up To A Light Summer Quiche: Sunday Snack With Johanna


I decided to do a recipe today with basil for 2 reasons: 1) I love it, and 2) my container of basil needs to be cut pronto! Basil is so light and just plain delicious, but something that’s often even more delicious is quiche. However, sometimes quiche can be a little heavy for summer, so the mini version are definitely a better option. Need a short cut? (You’re a momma, after all). Try these mini crusts from Clearbrook Farms I found at Sur LaTable (or choose something similar near you). You could even create an equivalent using gluten-free or allergen-free crust!

Easy Sunday Spinach Quiche

Prep: Heat oven to 350 degrees


* 3 tsb of basil

* 1/2 cup of organic spinach

* 4 beaten eggs (organic, free range)

* 1/2 cup of organic skin milk

* 1 cup of an aged cheese of your choice


In  bowl mix  1/2 of the cheese , basil  eggs and milk (and add salt and pepper to your liking).  Place mixture in mini crusts for 40 minutes. Then add the remaining cheese and cook about 20 minutes. Let stand for 10 minutes until cutting. This is a great dish to serve with mixed greens. Enjoy!

* Speak Up: What’s the best kind of quiche you’ve ever had?

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