Victoria Beckham Hair Accessories — Fashion Trends in Motherhood

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It may go without saying that we love our children sporting adorable headbands and floppy beanie hats… but can mothers pull this look off? The recent trend of sophisticated mommas wearing adolescent hair pieces (like funky hats or bright headbands) seems to be everywhere, and some mothers can truly pull this look off. It is important to choose the appropriate size (like an extremely thin headband), color (matching your outfit exactly, like mothers Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes), and style (don’t borrow from the children’s department), to get this look right.
Try choosing headbands that are simple and chic (skip anything with neon colors, crazy accents like feathers and over-sized flowers, or large amounts of glitter and bling), or hats that would pass in Paris (a classy beret or subtle fedora). Try a Loose Knit Crochet Beret in a pastel color (tuck your hair into the hat for additional mommy multi-tasking), or a dainty headband (like one of these Grecian inspired Double Row Head Wraps).ity

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One comment on “Victoria Beckham Hair Accessories — Fashion Trends in Motherhood
  1. Erin says:

    Just because you\’re a mom doesn\’t mean you can\’t look cute. I love headbands and cute hats. The beanie may be a little too Rastafarian, but it you like…wear it!

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