Use Your Time Wisely With Orient Watch USA

How can you win a free product, even after Makeover Momma TV is over? It’s easy, because today is Day 10 of the 12 Days of Makeovers (which means you can get a FREE, full sized product just by ordering anything you want in the Makeover Momma shop today). Today it’s all about the This Is It Journaling Within book (just like we talked about on Makeover Momma TV last night). It’s a beautifully crafted journal that gives a different writing prompt with each day to help frazzled moms put words to their thoughts, emotions and experiences.

To re-watch any of the videos shown on Makeover Momma TV, just view the episode (above) or access on the  Makeover Momma You Tube page.

The Giveaway: Orient Watch USA

Are you always asking everyone what time it is? In a day and age where cell phones and iPads are beginning to second as our clocks, a lot of us are starting to get lazy about the first tried and true means of time telling: the watch. I’m the worst offender of them all because I never wear a watch, and I’m constantly complaining about how late I am (perhaps I should see the correlation between the two?) Luckily, Orient Watch USA is the perfect fix for all late mommas this holiday season (especially since they so generously surprised one of you during the live show!) It’s the ideal investment if you want a classic, timeless watch (catch that pun?) that will last for years. All you have to do is take one look at models like CDH00001W or CETAC005W and see why these will never go out of style.

Holiday Gifts You Don’t Want To Miss: Part 1

* Mommy Shape: Being pregnant is not a lot of fun. Contrary to popular belief, you’re bloating, constipating and exploding faster than you can say “stretch marks”, and sometime a fitness regimen is difficult to choose. Mommy Shape is different from the rest of the (admittedly boring) pre-natal DVD’s on the market, because it takes your aching, puffy needs into consideration (so you’re not overdoing it), while helping tone and tighten your body. Created by Diane Angela Fong (an experienced dancer who knows what she’s talking about), Mommy Shape fuses dance, Yoga and gentle strength training to help a mother stay fit (and keep those stretch marks at bay), without putting you to sleep. Most of all, it makes a great holiday gift for any of your expectant friends!

* Charming KEY-Per: If you’re watching the Makeover Momma TV footage right now (above), you’ll see that I had a case of the “blondes”, and couldn’t remember if this product was in my shop. Well guess what? It was, it is and now you can try it for yourself! This Charming KEYper makes the perfect stocking stuffer for a close friend (or since it comes in such a cute case, you can give it to your closest pals in of itself…you don’t even need wrapping paper!) The Charming KEYper has a clasp on one end (which you attach to your keys) and a beautiful charm on the other side (which hangs out of your purse). The next time you need to find your keys, you don’t have to dig through your bottomless pit of a purse… just grab the beautiful locket and pull (voila! Out come your keys!) You’ll save time, energy, and have something cool that you “discovered” to show your friends. There are tons of different colors and messages in my Makeover Momma shop (including “Hope”, “Dream” and “Love”), so be sure to go take a look!

Makeover Momma TV “TV Show”: Motherhood vs. Internet

It’s finally time to premier the much anticipated, award winning, world acclaimed first episode of the MMTV TV Show (maybe that’s a stretch, but just roll with it). I created a brand new type of video to air each week exclusively on Makeover Momma TV. The goal is to create an honest, docu-style video that investigates different topics pertinent to motherhood (and hopefully get us talking). So get ready, get watching… and then get talking!

Watch Makeover Momma TV live every Tuesday (7 PM/EST and 4 PM/PT) for giveaways, tips, tricks and plenty of chat. If you have a topic suggestion or question for the show, email If you are a brand wanting to get involved, please click here and send us an email directly.

Makeover Mommaâ„¢ occasionally receives cosmetic products for review, with no obligation to positively promote or cover said brand. Receiving products has absolutely no influence over our recommendation of any particular product.

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  1. Jamie S. says:

    Thanks Orient Watch USA what a generous and awesome prize!

  2. That is a handsome watch!

    I saw your blog on a video interview on another site. I am glad you are doing well. Keep it up…

    Take care,

    Brian M Connole
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