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Want to choose healthy and natural beauty products, like (expecting mom) Padma Lakshmi and Brooke Burke?

Recently, we were pleased to send our New York City Makeover Momma contributor Kelley, to a super fun event called KMR’s Girls Night Out. She not only came back with products, goodies and the adorable photo below (see Kelley at center), but tons of brand new, mom-friendly product lines that any Mom can try!

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*Belli Skincare: “I spoke to the woman who created the line and she was just so sweet and really passionate about her brand, and about being a mother. All of her products are geared towards expecting mothers, babies, and moms post-pregnancy. The coolest thing about her products is how much research she’s done into finding ingredients that are safe for the baby. She explained how everything is absorbed through the mom and passed on to the baby, so you have to think about what you put on your body before, during, and after pregnancy.”

*Le Baby Hair Gel: “This product was also created by a mom for her child. She was so sweet, and you could tell she really made this product for her own family, and then wanted to pass it on to others with similar skin problems (eczema/sensitive skin).”

*Votru Vu: Although some of their products were a little pricey [for the average Makeover Momma], the swore that a little bit goes a long way, and that one jar can last up to six months. Honestly, everything I tried [including a hand cream, lip balm, face cream, and even beauty drinks] was really great.”

*Kelo-Cote: “They said this product was great for healing stretch mark scars from pregnancy!”

*G2 Organics:“At first this product seemed a little weird  (a nail polish remover charged with crystals, what??), but I tried it out and it actually worked… really well!  And it’s completely odorless (which we know is unusual for a remover) and safe.  I would think some moms would feel better using this remover on themselves, around their baby, or on their little girls if they were painting their nails.” 

  Want to know more about these up-and-coming mom friendly brands? Keep checking back for product reviews, updates and videos on Makeover Momma.

* Let Us Know: Is there a new brand of products that YOU are really interested in trying?

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